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A place with a name

A place with a name_2000

I have a home, that is barely there, its corners filled, the seats I share. For those who seek a refuge here, take heart, faint not! You have nothing to fear.

As we come fully into the last weekend of the month of June, it becomes clearer to me, at how precarious my RL situation seems. Last fall, I made the decision to bring my mother home so  I could care for her 24/7. And with it, came all the adjustments and sacrifices my family has had to make.

These last nine months have not been easy.  They have been very, very challenging to say the least. I am not going to take the time to bewail the woes of caregiving. But this experience has taught me innumerable lessons in patience, patience, and patience. Thankfully, I can fall back on the rock solid support of my family, my children specifically. They’re older now and wiser, maybe a bit too wise..

I have had to ask them for patience, a hundred times over. I have had to ask them for forgiveness.

And mom? Well mom, is mom. Just knowing that she is surrounded by her family, is all the care she really wants at this point.

You know the best thing about giving love unconditionally, to anyone, not just to those whom you like or admire, but even to the hardiest, stubbornest of human beings? Is that when you love with no strings attached, with no expectation, no recompense? The freedom you feel is unparalleled. And the peace…

The peace is simply, Divine.

*Shutter Field Lazy Armchair | On9
*Shutter Field Decor Ottoman | On9
*[BDKX] -//- Cabinet A2 – 03. | On9
*INDUSTRY7 Argh Patio Chair Clean | Liaison Collaborative
*INDUSTRY7 _i7_old wall anchor | Liaison Collaborative
*INDUSTRY7 The Log Sidetable | LTD The Event
*[Brixley] mid century desk | Vintage Fair
*Kaerri Malibu Rug | Vintage Fair
*brocante. pinned tapestry / wanderlust | N21
*Cheeky Pea Catherine Chalk Art Small | N21
*[ keke ] abandoned art | Lost & Found
*[NC] – Bull Fountain | Lost & Found
*.random.Matter. – Lost & Forgotten – Gramophone – RARE | Arcade June
*11 Fancy Decor: Fountain Tapestry Pillow | Arcade June
*[Brixley] farmhouse kitchen – frames decor | Arcade June

These items can be found at Shiny Shabby

.06 [ kunst ] – Vintage desk lamp
.08 [ kunst ] – World atlas books (a)
.09 [ kunst ] – World atlas books (b)
.10 [ kunst ] – Globe Brandy glass #1
.12 [ kunst ] – Globe Whiskey glasses
.02 [ kunst ] – Globe Whiskey bottle (dispenser) RARE
Cube Republic Joshua Tree
Bazar Crete Potted Wall Tree

BackBone Industrial Table Lamp | Tres Chic

*unKindness – Industrial Frame
*unKindness- Tabestry Two
*MudHoney Charley Clock – Antique
*INDUSTRY7_I7_art canvas +
*=EliBaily= Shoreditch Industrial Warehouse




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