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Evening Wear Remix | LkBk 52

Evening Wear Remix LkBk 52

Fashion is back at Cozey! For like, a very limited time, so on your mark, get set, JUMP!

Because I am the worst at mixing and matching anything, I’ve put together a few looks in good ole’ black, again. (see this post for something similar).

Maybe its a cop out for lack of time, or maybe its because solids colours are easier for me to style. This question I ponder weekly. And by the way, these sassy and sophisticated pieces around for a few more hours at least.

Nothing says fashionable like last minute hah..hah.. shout out to all the partners patiently waiting outside the dressing rooms rn.

Feel free to skip through to the credits for info and landmarks. Cheers to the weekend!

Look 1
Diram Taylor jacket/belt/skirt (Physique) | Shiny Shabby
*Elysium Asta Strappy Heels (Maitreya) | Click here for LM
*Kunglers Cida Necklace | On9 Last Day!
MINA Nicolet Hair and Bangs
Pose: !bang stand 354

Look 2
*PurpleMoon Babette Dress (Maitreya) | On9 Last Day!
*EMO-Tions Thea Hair | On9 Last Day!
Kunglers Natalia Earring | Shiny Shabby
Pose: oOo Studio Travelogue

Look 3
*NYU Cut-Out Black Mini Dress | On9 Last Day!
*Murray Helena Hair | N-21
*E-Clipse Design Seraphin Heels (Maitreya) | On9 Last Day!
*Evani Boho Ring ARROWS Rare | Whimsical
Pose: Del May Happy Bish




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