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Roll with the Waves

Roll with the waves_2000

Happy Friday and extended holiday weekend, fellow lurkers, travelers, and ye who wish to ‘drift’ away to happier, sunnier places! 


Yet another fantastic, awesome series from Keke coming to the Arcade! “A day at the beach” is a decorators paradise this summer as she plays on the love of all things drift-woody. Yes its a word! Okay not really!

Decorating with driftwood is actually something I do in rl and I don’t mean the charming windchimes or wreaths or frames either. I mean we use honest to goodness driftwood in our landscaping that we literally drag into the back of our truck lol. The ocean, well Puget Sound anyway, is about a 5 minute drive from my home, and a 15 minute walk if you’re brave.

So of course this series strums my lil ole heartstrings.


Something different for the summer, right? I love tropical anything sure  growing up with coconut trees in my yard, but having lived here in the Pacific Northwest has given me a new appreciation for coastal and rustic themes.

Also something really great for you Arcade warriors that starts this round is Friends of The Arcade! Here is a brief description (not by me!) of what it all entails:

We have a new addition this round: Friends of The Arcade! In much the same way places like Disneyland or Wardenclyffe (the Tesla Science Center) have allowed their patrons to have their names permanently presented on site, we are offering the opportunity for you to have your name listed at The Arcade’s landing point as a friend to the event.

Beginning at our June 2016 round, a beautiful, specially commissioned fountain installation, created by Cory Edo of Trompe L’oeil, has been added to the landing area at the end of The Arcade’s pier. On it will be all the names of those who have chosen to become a Friend of The Arcade. This is a permanent, new feature of The Arcade region. Visit The Arcade’s official website for more information: http://thearcadesl.com/friends-of-the-arcade/

I’ll chat more about this after the weekend, but do click on the link if you’re interested.

Thank you for stopping by on this, your very last, and very welcomed weekend of the month of May and lets hope June brings us more than sand in our crac… well, you get the point.

*Keke A Day at the Beach | Coming soon to the Arcade! June 1st -30th
[ keke ] parasol w bulbs
[ keke ] beach sign
[ keke ] sticks w lights
[ keke ] stick w bulbs
[ keke ] beach chair – green
[ keke ] beach chair – blue
[ keke ] sticks w lace
[ keke ] sticks w cloth
[ keke ] shells flat
[ keke ] beers on ice RARE
[ keke ] candles in a pot
[ keke ] message in a bottle
[ keke ] shells turned
*[ keke ] beach pavillon REWARD!! (you get this, after the 50th pull)


*Sari-Sari Beach Vacation | Coming soon to the Arcade! June 1st-30th
Sari-Sari – Beach Vacation – Pillows
Sari-Sari – Beach Vacation – Fish Net 2
Sari-Sari – Beach Vacation – Fish Net 1
Sari-Sari – Beach Vacation – Palette Table


*DaD DESIGN “Sweet Dreams Boathouse”
*DaD DESIGN “Sweet Dreams Modular Pier & Dock”
Soy. Glass Fishing Float -hanging- (clear)
Soy. Crate w/ Glass Fishing Floats
Plaaka Granite Pebbles
Plaaka Tillandsia Streptophylla
Plaaka Tillandsia Aeranthos
[ keke ] twinkling lights log ONLY (modded)


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