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A hundred reasons to smile

A hundred reasons to smile_2000

Its a bit a ways away, still I could not help but share this superly uberly cute garden tea party set from Tarte for The Arcade Gacha event, coming this June 1st!

A hundred reasons to smile2

Mhmm, yes, go on Bumble…

A hundred reasons to smile1

Ohhh, and that and that.. yes we must gets those, mhmm.. are you all making checklists already, would you mind Xeroxing me a copy, thanks so much.

A hundred reasons to smile3

I never get tired of glorious carafes full of lemonade so this one’s a real looker!

I’ll include the full ad in the credits, but for now, this sneak peek is brought to you by the letter C. C for cookies, which I have none available because, well,  lemonade and cookies ya’ll! C’mon give a mom a break.

*tarte. Garden Party | Coming soon to The Arcade June 2016
tarte. cake pops
tarte. garden dining table
tarte. garden dining chair (ivory)
tarte. garden chandelier
tarte. garden party menu
tarte. garden daffodils
tarte. lemon cake
tarte. tea saucer
tarte. paper lantern (gold)
tarte. paper lantern (white)
tarte. paper lantern (pink)
tarte. garden pergola RARE
tarte. lemonade stand RARE
see full ad here (demo is also out at Tarte’s mainstore!)

*[ keke ] hard to find cream & sugar – mint | Lost & Found
*[ keke ] hard to find bowl w lemons | Lost & Found
*[ keke ] potted mint 1 | Lost & Found

*Air_Lacrima ligno | Whimsical
*Air_Flower wave | Whimsical

KnickKnacks ::KKs:: flying curtains – white lace | New @ Mainstore
The Loft & ARIA – Troubadour Potted Fern Wicker | Collabor88

*tarte. garden fence w. lights
*tarte. grinder’s cafe
*tarte. manhattan townhome RARE
*[ keke ] hard to find – glass of water
*[ keke ] bottle of spring water
*[ keke ] milk bottle flower
*[ keke ] bokeh glitter big – gold
*[ keke ] glitter floor
[ keke ] paper whites – group
The Little Branch Lemon Tree
The Little Branch Conifer
Hayabusa Design The Tree Wave
Hayabusa Design Populus Serotin
Plaaka Granite Pebbles
JIAN Lit Brick Paths
Apple Fall Trimmed Box Hedge
*ionic* Abandoned Warehouse RARE



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