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One baby step at a time

One baby step at a time_2000

And now fellow lurkers, we travel to the land of Nod, where the inquisitive and the lazydazy dukes of feline-dom take their respite. 

I only really wanted to tell ya’ll that today is the last day to stop by LTD The Event to pick up some last minute decor from Pewpew and KnickKnacks.

But then company snuck in, and curious little beasties, why must they pile on all the cuteness into one single shot?

Because they can -.-

Do take THIS LIMO to LTD The Event asap, for the gates shall be closing soon, and then where will the babies go??

*Pewpew! Wardrobe Hideout – Gray | LTD The Event, ends Today!
*KnickKnacks ::KKs:: barriere fence | LTD The Event, Ends Today!
*The Little Branch Sea Almond | LTD The Event, ends today!

*Cheeky Pea Kara Gazebo | Uber
:CP: Kara String Lights
:CP: Kara Jar Light
:CP: Kara Side Seating Light
:CP: Kara Candle Book
:CP: Kara Table
:CP: Kara Planter

*MAQ Cabinet Natural/plain | Lost & Found
*Construct – Abandoned Chair Baroque | Lost & Found

*JIAN Kitten Collection :: Static (Inquisitive)| FaMESHed
*JIAN Kitten Collection :: Static (Snuggle Pile) | FaMESHed

The Little Branch Mushrooms | Shiny Shabby
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Barrel Planter | Shiny Shabby
NOMAD // Chic Apartments | Shiny Shabby

*ANHELO-M16MD-163GA :: bassman sidetable
floorplan. one love sign
floorplan. potted cactus
-David Heather-Industrio Vase1


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  1. oooh Wendz, this picture is sooo soothingly beautiful! I just want to curl up on those cushions with the kitties on my lap, sip something hot and contemplate the mushies. Forget Calgon, *this* takes me away!

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