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Rise and Shine!

Joy Unspeakable_2000

As I peek out the kitchen window and take in all of Seattle’s rain soaked sogginess, I realize that somewhere above it all, the sun still shines.

I am celebrating my Saturday with a relatively quiet household. My baby teenagers have all gone to do their weekend things, and my mum is having her Netflix, uh, fix.

I really love how this picture came together today. There are times when I feel like I have all the pieces I want to start building a scene, and when it is all rezzed out, the neighbors can hear me groan in disgust.

So because I am a glutton for torture and public shaming, I wanted to share my horrid ‘work-flow’ that I keep on a tattered post-it on my monitor with some adlib, naturally. Laugh, scorn, judge away, the bottom line is that it works for me. 98.99997% of the time anyway. And by having this here, accountability knocks forever at my door.

  1. Open boxes.. and boxes within the boxes. In a box. With boxed hands.
  2. Oh! I forgot to sort the trash. *Deletes stuff* and slides that over into yet another box.
  3. OH! I forgot to clear the platform. Deletes more stuff, and puts that stuff in a box to go in that one other box.
  4. Take the box and put it into my ‘SORT YOUR TRASH’, folder. (this will probably be boxed someday)
  5. Rez items with Christmas smiles and game face on (this is when I put my hair up into a bun and take off my raggedy house cardigan)
  6. Turn on my ‘Game-Play’ music, just hard core CLASSICS like “Hakuna Matata and  the Bear Necessities”. That is how I roll people.
  7. Channel my inner Disney princess and build that scene up like a boss, always thanking the gods this is virtual gardening and not real life gardening.
  8. SOCIAL MEDIA BREAK (for like an hour, with snacks)
  9. Time for the picture! Snap, Snap, oh this camera angle, OH this lighting! Craasshhh. (Ensue PG rated cussing)
  10. Take the 10th snapshot and pray for optimal texture baking, stuff.
  11. Time for another break.

Stay tuned for I have a part 2 of this very important and very unnecessary glimpse into the Cozey Life of .. crap that’s another show.

I really need some coffee.

*llorisen // charlotte perzebo with socle | N-Twenty1 Opens Today! So GO Already 🙂
*Kalopsia – Briony’s Curtains – Plain | N-Twenty1 Opens Today!

*The Little Branch Sea Almond | LTD The Event
*DaD DESIGN “Birch Cottage” | Shiny Shabby
*Cherry house -Alice patio-Outdoor benches O2 | Whimsical
*Cherry house -Alice patio-Fence 01 | Whimsical
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Old Orangerie White | Whimsical
*CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Iron Garden Bridge (Serenity) | Lost & Found Opens Tomorrow!
*Artisan Fantasy *AF* Flower Cart RARE| Whimsical

*The Little Branch Wild Birch Cluster
*The Little Branch Bouton d’or Lavender
*The Little Branch Waterlily
The Little Branch CatTail

Other Landscaping/Garden items:
MeadowWorks Calico Circle Ground Cover
Heart Harmony Tulips
:Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten Summer
Enchanted Pond from Studio Skye
Happy Mood Garden Colored Bush

*Did you know we now offer Services to SL residents? Check out our Services page here at CozeySL.com and book a consult today!*

*Oh you thought this was another sunshine and glitter post*



  1. That sounds soooo familiar! Well, except for the boxing stuff. I’m one of those “let my stuff roam wild and free” in my inventory sort of gal 😉

    And wait….ONLY 10 snaps? pffft. Amateur :p

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All that work! But the end result is definitely worth it 🙂
    I like this part and it’s essential – SOCIAL MEDIA BREAK (for like an hour, with snacks)

    Liked by 1 person

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