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Overworld revisited

Overworld Revisited_2000

A couple of years ago, I participated in the Writer’s Block Blog challenge as a way to incorporate stories behind some of the images I take in Second Life. 

Another facet of Cozey, at least one I haven’t shown in a while, is the storytelling. The great thing about blog challenges are that they introduce content that may reach audiences that would never have dreamed of stepping foot into our part of the metaverse.

I’m sharing a few of the links from the stories/poems I created through this blog challenge which I have since incorporated into my RL writing. So if you’re standing in line at the bank, or buying tickets, or waiting for your hair to get done, I would love for you to revisit these stories with me. They are safe enough to read out loud to kids even!

The Land of Overworld – my Narnian fan-fiction thing

Chasm – Part II of that fan-fiction thing

Meet me at the River – Part III ohh and I added another character O.O

Meet me at the River II- partial ending

The Blustery Woods- Like an intermission


*ANHELO Set a man to watch all night | 6 Republic there are 1 and a half days left of shopping!
-requires 32 x 32 m (1,024sqm)
-195 land impact
-more info: http://fk0724.com/en/docs/6th-may-2016


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