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The Sweetest Suite

Simply Sweet_2000

I find that inspiration and imagination are quite the pairing when working with dreamy pieces such as these.

Love to Decorate The Event opens today, May 12th through the 26th and Shabby Tabby has returned with some pretty sweet pieces. I rather like the shutter + shelf in this set, its a clever way to add some division and yet have a place for collectibles I’m thinking.

Also included in today’s scene is the Graaandest, glorious bed from Zerkalo which is available at FaMESHed as well as the graaandest arm chairs also by Zerkalo. Though these you’ll have to do some grid hopping over to The Chapter Four, but no worries! To compensate for the mileage, you get a lovely roll pillow (also by Zerkalo) for your troubles! Not to mention it is The Chapter Four’s anniversary.

Can’t pass up on that can we?

The beautiful lighted accent dot thingies (I would call them glitter but they really aren’t), are from Keke and you can find them at 6 Republic through May 20th.

I’ll wrap this up by wishing you a Thankful Thursday, for we are thankful for the company and even much so for being so sweeeet!

*Shabby Tabby *Shabby* Whiskey + lace Bench | LTD The Event  (opens soon)
*Shabby Tabby *Shabby* Whiskey + Lace Shelf
*Shabby Tabby *Shabby* Whiskey + Lace Decor
*Shabby Tabby *Shabby* Whiskey + Lace Chair
*[ zerkalo ] Grand White Bed | FaMESHed
*[ zerkalo ] Grand White Loveseat | The Chapter Four
*[ zerkalo ] Grand White Loveseat Roll Pillow – Gift | The Chapter Four Anniversary

*[ keke ] london dots – cava | 6 Republic

*Di’Cor Branched Lamp
*Di’Cor Ornamental Rug
*[ keke ] crocus – white
*[ zerkalo ] Sweet Elegance – Frames Light
[ARIA] Raquel vase with Lilacs
Fancy Decor: Candle Display
Fancy Decor: Cut-Out Cuckoo Clock
dust bunny . bluebell manor . RARE



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