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Trip of a Lifetime

Trip of a lifetime_2000

I’m sick for a place that I’ve never called home.

Anti-Cozey is back with a trip down 6 Republic’s collection of themed items with a New York state of mind. See what I did there?

I realize there are two boroughs represented in the scene today Bronx and Brooklyn. If my sister and mum saw this they’d no doubt have my head on a platter, screw the pizza. So let’s just take it all in for composition’s sake shall we?

If you have any questions, comments, quips, whatever, feel free to leave them in the box below. Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek! I hear they have great pizza further up the street.

These items can be found at 6th Republic!
Happening now through May 20th

TP to 6 Republic Event

6 Republic Gallery
6 Republic Flickr

*hive // repurposed silo bar
*hive // forgotten old car
*!APHORISM! Industrial Bench
*!APHORISM! Industrial Lamp
*!APHORISM! Industrial Shelf
*!APHORISM! Industrial Shelf
*BALACLAVA!! Cement Laundry Sink – on wall
*BALACLAVA!! Distressed Pipe Unit
*BUENO-NY Collection – Stop Wars
*BUENO-NY Collection -Building Grunge RARE
*BUENO-NY Collection – Chelsea Sign Metal
*BackBone Hydrant Stool Tall
*BackBone Courage Frame
*BackBone Firefighter’s Helmet
*KnickKnack ::KKs:: Un voyage a New York – Marilyn door
*KnickKnack ::KKs:: Un voyage a New York – street bin
*KnickKnack ::KKs:: Un voyage a New York – Pole direction
*Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT – Old American Flag
*Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT – The Lofty Sky Apartment
*GOOSE – Lagare Steel support lamp
*SOMALI +S+ License plate [BROOKLYN]+screw
*SOMALI +S+ License plate [OPEN]
*Kei’s NYC Pizza Oven RARE
*Toro. Tickets Neon light
*Toro. Stacked CCTV’s
*..::THOR::.. NY Industrial Sliding Door
*NOMAD // Gymnasium RARE

*[Fetch] Ary Bedroom – Gears | The Liaison Collaborative

*[PM]Pixel Mode – Lights (Outdoor Kit)
Stockholm&Lima: Neon R2D2 | Gift!
-Virtual Decay- Old Bikerack
-Virtual Decay- Cargo Container

*Dedicated to Tubbo Jr., the crustiest New Yaawker I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. RIP Nat.*


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