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Casual Sunday on a Monday

Casual Sundays2000

What I mean to say is, my Sunday symmetrical experiment is now my Monday’s answer to a calming afternoon, and it comes with a welcomed sigh of relief. Details after the..

Jumped right onto the bed I did, yep. I hope your weekend fared well and productive. I can’t believe to admitting this on the world wide web, but I am almost glad it is Monday. No teenagers asking for money, no unrealistic goals like sewing a prom dress by the end of this week, no car breaking down in the middle of a grocery store trip.

It’s quite feasible to say that I welcome the ‘quiet’, for now anyway. I wanted to create this scene as a throwback to some of the more traditional interiors I’ve done in times past. As mentioned previously (for all 3 of you faithful readers!), I’ve always struggled with placing furniture that makes sense. So if this seems a bit traditional, well thank goodness!

I needed a palate cleanser if you will and some of these finds were right up my alley. So no flowers or dirt or rocks today, just semi-clean lines and an attempt to restart my brain, heh. You can find all the details and landmarks in the credits, and should you have any questions feel free to contact me in world, anytime.

Or we can jump into that box below ❤

*DIGS – Trengove Bed – White | New @ Mainstore
DIGS – Trengove Chest – White
DIGS – Trengove Bedside Lamp
DIGS – Trengove Mirror – White
DIGS – Trengove Floor Lamp
DIGS – Trengove Folded Sheets
DIGS – Trengove Candle
DIGS – Trengove Snake Plant
complete ad here

*DIGS – Verbena Massage Mat | The Liaison Collaborative
*brocante. cubby shelves | The Liaison Collaborative
*MINIMAL – Candle Silver  | The Liaison Collaborative
*MINIMAL – Sphere Silver  | The Liaison Collaborative
*[Toiz] 1. wood partition  | The Liaison Collaborative

*Fancy Decor: Shoreditch Shelf | 6th Republic
Fancy Decor: Shoreditch Desk
Fancy Decor: Marble Pyramid & Books
Fancy Decor: Wood Trays

*BALACLAVA!! Distressed Pipe Unit | 6th Republic

*Chic Buildings Asal Dresser White | On9 Now Open

*[ keke ] desk chair | The Chapter Four
[ keke ] desk clutter RARE
[ keke ] flower cactus
[ keke ] cactus
complete ad here

*[PM]Pixel Mode – Drapery KIT | FaMESHed
*CONVAIR Brookline Cottage | FaMESHed

*Pewpew! Happy Day – Post it Wall
*DIGS – Book Decor
*Artisan Fantasy *AF* Seedlings
*Sari-Sari – Plant Bucket Trolley
Bazar Toronto-Living room books
Apple Fall Magazine Files
Apt B // Vintage Life Plant
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Hanging Branch Planter
Jian :: Kitty Pillow
Trompe Loeil – Gramercy Ceiling Fan Gray Wood



  1. Although you call that traditional, Wendz, it’s still a beautiful example of a well styled interior and one that I’d have in my virtual home in a flash! What can I say – it just feels right. And hmm, the older children get, the more time they need from you so it seems. As babies they are relatively simple to deal with, their needs are few. As they get older and become those complicated human beings that we all end up as, it’s even more important that the parents look after them and this brings its own rewards but still, it’s not easy. You sound a wonderful mum 🙂

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    • Thank you Moz, how encouraging! And it rings so true as they get older, the need for connection and relationship is stronger. I guess that is why tease so much and call them my baby teenagers, much to their chagrin lol!


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