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Another time, another place

Another time, another place_2000

Just enough time to squeeze in a quick trip to Lost & Found, where you’ll find this creative sofa/bed from THEBOX as well as cool signage action from the makers at THOR. 

These pieces are sure to bring some charm into your space and hopefully, you’ll fight off the urge to take a nap right here and now for I have much needed taxi service 🙂

Questions, comments, cookie recipes, (thanks Peep!), feel free to leave them in the box below and have yourself a Splendid Sunday!

*THEBOX – queens sofa & bed – Bohe | Last Day @ Lost & Found
*..::THOR::.. Paper Bag + Sheets + feather | Last Day @ Lost & Found
*..::THOR::.. Old Manicure Sign Stand | Last Day @ Lost & Found
*..::THOR::.. Cordonnerie Old Sign | Last Day @ Lost & Found

*[PM]Pixel Mode – Long Drape | Coming soon to FaMESHed

*ARIA &The Loft – Portico Bench Blue | Uber SL
ARIA &The Loft – Portico Bench Pillow
ARIA &The Loft – Portico Rug
ARIA &The Loft – Portico Potted Phormium
ARIA &The Loft – Portico Potted caladium
ARIA &The Loft – Portico Potted Bromeliad
ARIA &The Loft – Portico Potted Aspidistra
ARIA &The Loft – Portico Window Decor Red
ARIA &The Loft – Portico Sconce
ARIA &The Loft – Portico Breakfast Tray
ARIA &The Loft – Portico Table

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Fox Pot Blue – COMMON | Gacha Garden
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Whale Pot Blue – COMMON | Gacha Garden

Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm
floorplan. bloomers sign
:HAIKEI: private beach house
dust bunny . key chandelier

*I apologize for my lack of gibber jabber today. 3am! I don’ gon’ crazy.”


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  1. forevertraceimoore says

    Really love the colors and the feel to this space. Feels like a rainy day in paradise!


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