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Gladness for Mourning

gladness for mourning_2000

A display of His splendor all can see, He gives strength for fear, gladness for mourning and peace for despair.

Behind the avatar is a human being, isn’t that what we are taught in SL 101- How to SLive?

I needed to express something heartfelt and light today, hence the lace and flowers are back front and center lol. DiCor has a gorgeous living room set for On9’s Anniversary round this month, and the delicate floral prints are so pretty they deserve more than what I can ever do here.

They deserve to be seen in person! (warning, not for profit segue coming through). On9 runs through the 28th of April and whaattayaknow, we’ve also asked our designers to create special Hunt gifts for the occasion. Find the anniversary cupcakes at each designers’ On9 booth at On9 (they all look the same); clickity click, and you will receive a hint and the store’s landmark. Find the matching cupcake at their store, and happy anniversary!

Feel free to contact me in world or in the message box below if you have any questions or need help. I’ve found that the On9 Fan Club members are more than willing to assist those who ask, which is pretty awesome as groups go 🙂

Have a lovely rest of your Thursday!


*DiCor Di’Cor Pallet Sofa | On9
*Di’Cor Pallet Seat Vr.2 | On9
*Di’Cor Pallet Table | On9

Serenity Style- Natural Way Wall Art | Shiny Shabby
Knick Knack cena sotto le stelle milk can | Shiny Shabby
floorplan. pinboard / botanical | Collabor88
*[ zerkalo ] Faded Charm – Framed Scissors | Epiphany
*[ zerkalo ] Faded Charm – Lantern | Epiphany

*[ zerkalo ] All White – Clock
*[ zerkalo ] All White – Canopy
*Di’Cor Sam’s Chair
*brocante. bauble lamp / white
*brocante. postbox / iron
*Cheeky Pea :CP: Taylor Hanging Light String
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Iron Crown Planter
Ariskea [Le Secret] Bush leaf
Ariskea [Le Secret] Lace Curtain
Artisan Fantasy Paperwhites
Artisan Fantasy Lavender
Artisan Fantasy Herbals Herb Rack Weathered
pr!tty .tree happy hanging frame
dust bunny . secretary desk . clutter
dust bunny . bluebell manor . RARE
junk. flower bucket. small.
junk. potted tree.
junk. vintage teacup planter.
Fancy Decor: Classic Chandelier (white)
Bazar Traveler Plant



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