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Good morning!

Good Morning_2000 (1)

“Good morning, good morning! Sun beams will soon smile through! Good morning, good morning, to you! And you and you!”

No I did not jump into a vat of espresso, and no I did not indulge in a special batch of brownies. I did, however, let these dogs out! (ha, get it? okay).

This lovely scene is brought to you today by the letter T, for Tarte. T for the Tiffany Bed! Which is available at Uber till April 23rd. There are two versions, this being the lighter (cloud) and the other in Tarte’s signature lavender tones.

I say signature because Ales’ creations are so recognizable and her handi work so lovingly made. It is very much a ‘good’ thing, when we can trust in a design to come through for whatever we are working on and Tarte is in a class of their own.

Do stop by the event to see the demo in person, and as always, if you have any questions, or ponderings, feel free to im me in world or to leave a message below.

And now for the rest of our song. No cringing now!


*tarte. tiffany bed (cloud) | Uber SL
*The Little Branch White Cherry Blossoms | LTD The Event
*+Half-Deer+ Cat Lady Garden Chair – Vintage White | The Season’s Story
*[ zerkalo ] Like a Bird – Rug Light | The Season’s Story
*[ zerkalo ] Like a Bird – Cage w/Candles Light | The Season’s Story

*tarte. garden fence w. lights
*[ zerkalo ] Delicate Floor Lamp – White
*Cheeky Pea Spring Garden Potted Climber
*Cheeky Pea Ethereal Arbour
meadowWorks Fancy Schmancy Fleurs ~ Dress Garden
{yumyum} Wood arch (khaki)
{anc} flottante puppy. milk
[ keke ] star glitter
Stormwood ~ Cobblestone Floor
=Zenith=Bird cage with flowers

(earwurm problems? youuu betcha!)


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