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Great Gain

Great Gain_2000

The best assurance and insurance against the onslaught of the chaos of the world, is in fact, sleep.

And I state that with the utmost, heartfelt sigh of relief. You have made it to Friday fellow blogger, lurker! And Fifty Linden Friday has commenced!

Here you’ll find pieces from Fancy Decor, DIGS, brocante’ and more. Also Fancy Decor is participating in the Interview, hosted and curated by MadPea productions.

Do take a peek through the credits, and should you find me on the FLF hoppy train, don’t be shy! Say hellerrrrr ❤

*Fancy Decor: Gothic Portrait | The Interview by MadPea
*Fancy Decor: Crystal Chandelier | The Interview by MadPea
*Fancy Decor: Unicorn Tapestry | Fifty Linden Friday 4/15

>>Here is the link to SeraphimSL’s shopping guide for today’s Fifty Linden Friday
And you will be able to find the mainstore teleports as you flip through the Gallery! 

*DIGS – Craftsman Stool | Fifty Linden Friday 4/15
*DIGS – Craftsman Chair | Fifty Linden Friday 4/15

brocante. arrow chalkboard | Fifty Linden Friday 4/15
brocante. glass frame / gold | Fifty Linden Friday 4/15
BALACLAVA!! Plain Pillow (black) | Fifty Linden Friday 4/15

*Apple Fall Oil Lantern
*Apple Fall Country Hall
*Apple Fall Period Fireplace
*Apple Fall Books Occasional Table w/ Blanket
2. Apple Fall Dolly Piano
Apple Fall Bistro Planter
Consignment Rose in Vase Pink
*Di’Cor Renee Candleabra [Table]
*[ zerkalo ] Fruit Set – Bowl with Fruits
*Kalopsia – Arrow Curtains
Dutchie Elegant lady from the back, anonymous
Dutchie gift: the discovery of heaven
NOMAD // Monstera Plant
*NOMAD // 06 // Gilded Gold Room Divider
Fancy Decor: Antique Rug
Fancy Decor: Candle w/ Shade
Fancy Decor: Portative Organ
Fancy Decor: Jane Eyre
Fancy Decor: Stone Disc
Tartessos Arts Avenue Plant

(although it is now 4amSLT… zzzzzzzzzz)



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