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Pixel Mode is featuring their Seido Bathroom series at Love to Decorate The Event from April 12th through the 26th! Details after the jump!

The shower and tub come equipped with Adult and PG animations,  and the interior lighting I believe for the tub is also customizable.

All the pieces are materials enabled, and for this image I did turn down the effect some, through the edit menu. They are also available as a set or as individual pieces. The very clean and pristine mesh toilet is from Digs and I will include the landmark in credits.

Once again, I pulled out the YS&YS Essentials Rare Skybox for this set-up. The more and more I work with it, the more I fall in love with every corner of this skybox. You can’t see it out right but the sky light/window are just three panels in regular framing, and ohhhh the shadow play!

Bathrooms are a tricky lot, and I do not cover them often enough on CozeySL. However with some creativity and pixie dust,  working with sets like this makes it a welcomed prospect for the blog indeed.

Have a great rest of your evening and do stop by LTD The Event to see the demo!


*[PM]Pixel Mode – Seido Bathtub | LTD The Event
*[PM]Pixel Mode – Seido Shower
*[PM]Pixel Mode – Seido Vanity Counter
*[PM]Pixel Mode – Seido Mirror
*[PM]Pixel Mode – Seido Decorative Vase

*DIGS – Hortensia Toilet – Chrome

Kalopsia – Bamboo Hanger
Soy. Knitted Pouf [marudesu] – snow
Soy. Marimo
Soy. Stacking towels
Soy. Basket with towels [dark brown]
PILOT – Wicker Ball Decor
Tartessos Arts Dreams Wall Art
Tartessos Arts Ocean Rug
=EliBaily= Ivy
Apple Fall Edi’s Lamp
Bazar Toronto Bathroom Curtain
16.aisling. Potted Plant
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Decorative Art Books

*YS&YS* Essential Skybox [RARE]


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