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Glamping 101

Glamping 101_2000

Bring the glamour back into your outdoor decor with this trendy Boho themed glamping set from Cheeky Pea, available at Uber through April 23rd! Details after the jump a hoy!

*Cheeky Pea Boho Glamping Set | Uber SL
:CP: Boho Glamping Bed
:CP: Boho Glamping Cabin
:CP: Boho Glamping Crate Cuddler
:CP: Boho Glamping Drape Gold
:CP: Boho Glamping Dreamcatcher
:CP: Boho Glamping Lantern
:CP: Boho Glamping Light
:CP: Boho Glamping Pillow B
:CP: Boho Glamping Wine

*:::ChicChica::: Lucy Vintage bag | Lost & Found
*Luas Boho Sandals | Lost & Found
*DIGS – Book Decor – Stack | New!

*tarte. sunflowers (pink)
*tarte. sunflowers (yellow)
*THOR ..::TH::.. Botanical Book
tarte. wine light
DIGS – Almut Terrarium – Candle
Alouette – Fruit Basket
Bazar Plant-Decor



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