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Opulent Rockability

Opulent Rockability_2000

Flora, Fauna and Springy-weather! Here’s to a gathering of opulent rockstars in their own right! Details after ze jump…

There is only a few days left for a couple of events and I wanted to push that nagging ‘get to it’ button before my ‘planned’ break. Planned, in that it is noted and scheduled but with so little time and so many wonderful things to share, it may be a case of ‘we’ll see’.

unKindness’ Opulent mini set is available right now at LTD The Event along with Ariskea’s HUE series, a collection of eclectic glam that will brighten any room in your home.

Also, there is about a week left of shopping at The Liaison Collaborative which ends on the 30th and being that it is their Birthday (weeee presents!) you will definitely want to visit and snap up gifts and demos galore.

The easy chairs by 7mad;Ravens are available in 5 styles  and weigh in at 2li. I really enjoyed the different patterns and thought it was quite clever actually. In fact, it reminded me of my eldest daughter’s infatuation with patterns and her gazillion tshirt collection, which in turn, made me wish yet again, for a magic SL to RL transport button.

If not our avies, could it be our virtual stuffs?! Please?!!! Metagods of the Virtual Universe hear my plea!!

Anywhosers, do take the attached limos to either of these events and if you have any questions, comments, or are yourself a budding pattern hoarder, feel free to ruminate in the box below.


These items can be found at LTD The Event till March 26th

*unKindness Opulent Ottoman
*unKindness Opulent Table

*Ariskea [Hue] Frames Woodplank
*Ariskea [Hue] Spiral Arts
*Ariskea [Hue] Swedish Console Yellow
*Ariskea [Hue] Ceilling Bulb Light Multiple[Gold]
*Ariskea [Hue] Wanabe Aloe


These items can be found at The Liaison Collaborative till March 30th

*7mad;Ravens Easy Chair-Strawberries
*7mad;Ravens Easy Chair-Rockabilly

*CONVAIR String Bass
*CONVAIR Microphone and Stand
*CONVAIR Blues Guitar   

*Kalopsia – Spring Grunge Mini set
*Color Landscape Painting (Gift) 
*Kalopsia – Bottle Vase – Blue
*Kalopsia – Bottle Vase – Pink


*floorplan. hey y’all print | N21
*floorplan. stair shelf / pink | N21
*floorplan. record sleeve | N21


*BackBone Coat Rack | Lost and Found
*BackBone Vintage Industrial Wall Clock | Lost and Found
*Kalopsia – Arrow Curtains Ombre | Lost and Found
*Nefarious Inventions [n.i] | Lost and Found


Ariskea [Le Secret] Wall Divider | Arcade March 2016
-tres blah- Salad Days – Deer Bust (Gold/Aqua) RARE | Arcade March 2016
Token&Tribe- Records #23 | Arcade March 2016


Culprit Raku Planter Cobalt with Bamboo
Culprit Terracotta PLanter with Bamboo
Cheeky Pea :CP: Dawson’s Bamboo Planter
Cheeky Pea :CP: Outdoor Movies Planter
Tres Blah -tb- Spring Living – Radio (Floral) RARE
Concept} 12. Nature – SKYBOX – RARE
Cherry House Cage Candles

**PS. You think ‘they’ could 3D print these chairs for us?



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  2. Oooh Wendz, this is so pretty and colorful, I just love it! It’s a little different than your norm, with all the colors, but it just goes to show there are no boundaries to your talent and eye for design. Just beautiful!

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