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Fiasco, Frayed Knot | LTD The Event

Cheap Thrills Final _2000

There is much to be said about decorating outside of your usual style but I for one, do not mind experimenting!

With decor.. and fashion choices apparently.

Cheap Thrills1 final_2000

Just think of it as my foray into anti-Cozey..pasti.. anti-pasto. Are you hungry? I think Roscoe’s hungry.

LTD The Event is now underway and there are a couple of pieces worth collecting like Fiasco’s Palette mini living room set. I used one of the taller tables as ‘flooring’ for my rough and tumble uh play, area, thing as well as Frayed Knot’s exclusive designs which are also available right now at The Event.

There is now a dedicated Flickr group just for Love to Decorate The Event, so do stop on by and bookmark or join if you are on Flickr. Remember this event ends on the 26th! I’ve backed up the truck and its revving to go! It’s free, I’m a good driver, and Uber can take a hike.

LTD The Event New Flickr Group
TP to LTD The Event

*Fiasco – Palette Loveseat | LTD The Event
*Fiasco – Palette Single Seat| LTD The Event
*Fiasco – Palette Tall Table (Modified) | LTD The Event
*Frayed Knot Beatbox (w/shadow) | LTD The Event
*Frayed Knot Gas Tank | LTD The Event
*Frayed Knot Stool | LTD The Event

*[ zerkalo ] Wheel Chair Blue | The Mens Dept
*[ zerkalo ] Wheel Table | The Mens Dept

*Pewpew! Do it Right – Post it Wall | The Liaison Collaborative
Consignment [Con.] Stepside Pick-up – Fiona | Arcade March
Soy. My Trailer Life – trailer park neon | Arcade March
[Faida] Rusty radiator | The Chapter Four

*–ANHELO-H02RN-15AGA :: old garage
*–ANHELO-M09RN-15AGA :: workbench
*[IDEZA Furnitures] – Fan Light
*Soy. Aircraft propeller ceiling fan [black]
*unKindness uK – Play Hard Sign
*unKindness uK – Play Hard The Old Bag
.1 [ kunst ] – Welder bench RARE
.02 [ kunst ] – Pegboard RARE
.04 [ kunst ] – Screwdrivers (phillips)
.03 [ kunst ] – Screwdrivers (flathead)
.06 [ kunst ] – Pincers
.07 [ kunst ] – Coiled wire
.05 [ kunst ] – Wrenches
.09 [ kunst ] – Mechanic’s cloth
.9 [ kunst ] – Fasteners list
.4 [ kunst ] – Bolts jar
.3 [ kunst ] – Nuts jar
*ionic* A plie of antique windows
DIGS – Fiction Skyline Relief – Gotham
[PM]Pixel Mode – Manchester – Wall Pipe
7 Seven Emporium – Everything Sign
Soy. Motor oil can [metal]
Soy. Motor oil can [green]
Soy. concret block fence
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – pile of board games
NGI Shepherd Dog
Apple Fall ‘iFall’ Notebook 2015 Media Edition
Knick Knacks ::KKs:: Paint your life – rug


What I’m wearing….isn’t much, but still some great finds!

*Lingerie: chocolate Atelier Xenia (Maitreya Applier) | The Liaison Collaborative
*Gloves: RealEvil Coraline Gloves | Coming soon to Tres Chic
*Skin: Mudskin Kira (Catwa applier) | Skin Fair 2016
*Scars: Kokolores Little Scars (Catwa Applier) | Skin Fair 2016
*Poses: Project Puppet Poses ‘Boot Camp’ Individual poses | Pose Fair 2016
*Armband: RealEvil Moonflight Arm Cuff
*Septum: RealEvil Keal Nose Chains
*Rings: Kunst Garthwen Rings | Liaison Collaborative

Accessory: +ILO+ Welding Mask
Hair: Analog Dog Motive
Bangs: Truth Ishya Bangs
Pants: Addams A Brand Cargo Pants
Shoes: Addams’ Dr. Addams Boots
Eyes: Dead Apples Marble’ Trunk
Ears: Mandala Steking Ears Season5
Head: Catwa Gwen
Body: Maitreya Lara


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