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Studious Living for your Small Space

Studious Living_2000

Small spaces can be intimidating to work with, but with a little bit of ingenuity and studious decorating habits, you can find space for everything!

In Second Life, we have the luxury of creating rooms that can be ‘shaped’ or ‘sized’ to our specific needs and modifications. However, that is not always the case for say, residents who rent homes and apartments on the grid. Just like in our first lives, we look for ways to incorporate purposeful decor in our limited spaces.

I’ve taken unKindness’ Dreamscape bed and placed it as a focal point for everything else around the room. I really like how it almost resembles a better version of a futon but what makes it stand out is the themed headboard imo. There was plenty of room for me to play with and even more room at the foot of the bed for knick knacks and such. Pieces like these can serve many needs, for storage, decor, dinner, your cat’s play place, your play place!

You can find unKindness’ Dreamscape bed this month at FaMESHed. It weighs in at about 13 li, and since most rental apartments/rooms/houses are prim limited, keep in mind that modifying mesh could up that limit.

Also included in today’s scene are finds from The Liaison Collaborative, the Arcade Gacha Event and more. You’ll find all the necessary credits after the jump and if you have any questions, feel free to ping me in-world or comment below.

*unKindness – DreamScape Bed | FaMESHed
-13 li on rez
-Adult version also available

*Cheeky Pea Palette Collage Worn | FaMESHed


*[ keke ] milk bottle flower | The Liaison Collaborative
*unKindness – Industrial Frame 2 Gray | The Liaison Collaborative


*[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Hat Boxes | March Arcade
36_8f8 – New Beginnings – Cherry Vase | March Arcade
36_8f8 – New Beginnings – Egg Vase | March Arcade


.1 [ kunst ] – Motorcycle chain clock RARE | Shiny Shabby
.2 [ kunst ] – Gear-wheel ashtray RARE | Shiny Shabby
Pewpew! Black – Balbo Bicycle & Dark Frame | Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] 1. book | Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] 7. foothold | Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] 2. cabinet  | Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] 4. post  | Shiny Shabby


*Maven Homes Wavy Shade Floor Lamp
*Kaerri Test tube Vases
*tarte. blanket crate
*tarte. barstool (painted)
*:CP: (Cheeky Pea) Taylor Hanging Light String
28.erratic / cwe – stack of books
.6 [ kunst ] – Industrial bench lamp
*YS&YS* – Essential Cat Picture commons
*YS&YS* Wardrobe Hanger 01 RARE
*YS&YS* Wardrobe Hanger 11
*YS&YS* Wardrobe Hanger 12
*YS&YS* Essential 09 Cats 2 Box (empty box for decor)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neverland Clock
dust bunny . potted jade plant
floorplan. hanging diamond light
Apple Fall Magazine Files
:HAIKEI: look through the window gacha RARE skybox




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