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Pure Glamour

Pure Glamor_2000

The closet of my dreams would hold favorable treasures, stories in abundance and a thousand wishes.

It’s a pure kind of white on white on lace on white scene today. This is the kind of mess you get into when sorting inventory on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

If you are looking for vintage-y distressed type of furnishings there are several brands that come to mind, unKindness, tarte, and formidably the most favorable go to would be Zerkalo.

So I’ve surrounded myself with the many many things that’ll sure make a girl feel pretty, I mean there’s a gorgeous cream cake in there too, that’s how to keep her smiling among other things. I’ve also entered this image in the highly competitive, highly astute, and highly prized blogger contest that Collabor88 put out earlier this month. I don’t think I stand a blazing chance in heck but it is always fun to compile scenes with the fun factor anyway, right?

It’s a hidden search game of the purest glam, and you’re invited! Be sure to double back on the credits and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in that box down there, the one where I left the tea.


These items can be found at Collabor88

*tarte. woodrow vanity by Alessandra Ambrosio
dust bunny & O.M.E.N . lovebirds . white . with cage by Noel Mint / Damien
{theosophy} East Aberthaw Chair (White/Wood) by Trae Osterham

*Bazar Glam-FEMALE closet | The Home Expo


*Zerkalo’s Mademoiselle Set | Coming soon to the Arcade!
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Mannequin w/Necklace
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Dress form Jewelry Display – RARE
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Mannequin w/Hat
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Hat Boxes
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Heart Box
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Mirror
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Two Altered Bottles
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Three Altered Bottles
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Flower Ball
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Welcome Spring Sign
[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Gloves
missing: [ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Jewelry Display
see full ad here

*[ zerkalo ] Vintage Tea Party – Grand Cake Light – RARE | Shiny Shabby
*[ zerkalo ] Vintage Tea Party – Candles
*[ zerkalo ] Vintage Tea Party – Lace Garland Vertical1
*[ zerkalo ] Vintage Tea Party – Lace Garland Horizontal1


*[ zerkalo ] Hope Wreath – Light | The Home Expo


*[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – Boxes
*[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – Sign
*[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – Rug
*[ zerkalo ]Be My Valentine – Pillow
*[ zerkalo ] Little Love – His Pillow
*[ zerkalo ] Little Love – Box
*[ zerkalo ] Little Love – Wooden Heart
*[ zerkalo ] Little Love – Key to my Heart frame
*[ zerkalo ]True Love – Gift Box White
*[ zerkalo ]True Love – Table
*[ zerkalo ] True Love – Small Mannequin Plain
*[ zerkalo ] True Love – Small Mannequin Dressed
*[ zerkalo ] True Love – Large Mannequin – RARE
*[ zerkalo ] True Love – Pillow
*[ zerkalo ] Little Love – Hanging Heart
*[ zerkalo ]Dreamers corner – 2 Balloons
*[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream – Rug
*[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream White – Table
*[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream White – Chandelier
*[ zerkalo ] Winter Evening – Ottoman
*[ zerkalo ]Winter Evening – Candlestick
*[ zerkalo ]Vintage Spa Rustic – Candles
*[ zerkalo ] Winter Evening – Candlestick


junk. flower bucket. large.
Keke Twinkling Log Lights Modified
The Loft Claryon Curtains
The Loft – Alda Kids Shades Ivory
Trompe Loeil – Attic Skybox V1.1


*Dress: miss chelsea Toya Dress (Maitreya)
*Shoes: Essenz Stuttgart (Maitreya)
Mesh Head: Genesis Lab Liu Rare | Kustom9
Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5


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  1. I love that, it’s so full of stuff! What I do like about Second Life is that it’s ‘no dusting or polishing required’… it stays pristine for ever so even if you do pack your home with umpteen things, that’s it – no more maintenance required… oh and another thing – no more DIY required either *laughs*

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