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Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring_2000

Hope is a matter of perspective. Let it spring forth in abundant blooms of faith and enlightenment, welcoming all the positive changes it will undoubtedly bring.

Happy Friday! You’ve made it! We’re at the week’s end and I don’t know about you but I am ready to ‘leap’ into the month of March.

Ha, see what I did there?

Today, I leave you fellow lurker-abouts with a few last minute finds from events that may or may not be closed, yet, cross my fingers, aka Love to Decorate, The Expo, Lost and Found and Uber.

I know, BAD blogger but my reasons are legit and I’ve got the dark circles under the eyes to prove it! Candy? I bribe with food, want some?

I want to specifically address the planters and the landform build under Cheeky Pea’s latest ‘snug’. GOOSE’ Lover’s Hill has a texture HUD with 5 optional grasses and 5 optional stones, is fully modifiable, mesh and a really great thing to have as far as landscaping builds. Just a head’s up, I believe LTD The Event ends today, February 26th, but usually designers have their items come back to their mainstores, so I’ll include their new store location in the credits just in casers.

The planters are also chock FULL of optional textures, tints and just loaded to the brim, you can’t get board playing with the combos, seriously. Hello? I must have clicked a thousand times! (that one was free, not the planters!). You can find them at The Expo till March 6th, they are by Lunar Seasonal Designs and the direct TP will be in the creds as well.

Thanks for stopping by and reading through the gobbledeegoo, you’re a real trooper. If you have any questions, comments, or need a shopping buddy, I’m saying, leave a message below because no one, should ever shop alone.


*GOOSE – Lovers hill (texture change) by Tyrek Skywalker | LTD The Event Last Day!
-GOOSE – Heart potted plant (oak series)
TP  to New Mainstore Location here

*Little Branch New England trees 4 Seasons | LTD The Event Last Day!
*unKindness uK – Pioneer Vintage Tea Tray | LTD The Event Last Day!

*Cheeky Pea :CP: Fanciful Daybed Pergola | UberSL
-:CP: Fanciful Teacup Candle
-:CP: Taylor Hanging Light String

Kalopsia – Beatrix Bird House – Hanging | Lost & Found Ends March 1st!
Kalopsia – Beatrix Flower Pot
Kalopsia – Beatrix Venus Statue
Kalopsia – Beatrix Bird Bath
Kalopsia – Cherry Leaves Floor

unKindness uK – Whimsy Trinkets Time Frame | Whimsical  Ends March 3rd!
uK – Whimsy Trinkets Key to Peace
uK – Whimsy Trinkets Hydrangeas Pitcher

These items can be found at The Home and Garden Expo till March 6th

Lunar Seasonal Designs – Menu Driven Spring Flowers Flower Bed | Direct TP
Lunar Seasonal Designs – Menu Driven Tiered Planter of Flowers | Direct TP
Magnum Opus – [MO] Hope Blocks | Direct TP
Magnum Opus – [MO] Elven Forest Tree | Direct TP


*[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle – Welcome Spring Sign | Coming soon to the Arcade!


*Little Branch Rainbow Tree Cluster
*Little Branch Conifers
*Cheeky Pea :CP: Boho Dreamtime Canopy Cloud
*Cheeky Pea :CP: Boho Dreamtime Chandelier



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