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Cleo Designs, Little Llama, Celtic Wolf @ HGE 2016

The sleepy get sleepier_1024

What’s a little harm in taking an afternoon nap? Never mind your captive audience.

As my three bumbling baby teenagers fight for their turn in the proverbial wi-fi tunnel of hell, I, your gallant and effervescent Bumble Le Bee did the unthinkable, the abominable, the most atrocious act a mother could ever do, done.

We unplugged that sunova b… I mean router, and yay, back to loading Flickr. On to the virtual content!

Cleo Designs presents Expo go-ers with an architectural themed set that includes several accessories say if you wanted to, I don’t know, build an office scene in the boondocks. Really, when I took a look through this set, all that came to me were pictures of my older cousin in the Philippines, who just happens to be an amazing artist.

This part of my family has never traveled abroad, and taking a trip to metro Manila, is a luxury at best. He posts his artwork via his personal Facebook page, and I always wonder, WHERE are you getting the connection? Where are the towers?? There’s a ROOSTER WALKING AROUND YOUR LIVING ROOM!

That needed to be in caps, trust me.

And so this is where the inspiration for such a dramatic change in scenery from Sunday’s post has come from. Its interesting to me, anyway, that virtual content can trigger these seemingly random, real life connections.

Celtic Wolf, Little Llama, Cleo Designs, they can all be found at The Expo, and here’s your direct TP to each exhibit. As you tour, remember the basic message and vision of what we’re trying accomplish and do at RFL Events such as these. Every donation counts, and this is just the first event of the season, so relay, relay, relay!

TP to Celtic Wolf
TP to Little Llama
TP to Cleo Designs

*Cleo Designs Architect Set and Living Set | SL Home and Garden Expo
Cleo Designs drafting table
Cleo Designs drawing
Cleo Designs protractor
Cleo Designs pencil
Cleo Designs frenchcurve
Cleo Designs table
Cleo Designs keyboard
Cleo Designs pc case
Cleo Designs coffee
Cleo Designs monitor, mouse
Cleo Designs roses 1
Cleo Designs lamp
Cleo Designs pallet sofa
Cleo Designs pallet table
Cleo Designs crate storage shelf w/ accessoires

*Celtic Wolf Dancing Cactus | SL Home and Garden Expo

*Little Llama – Pickle Jar Lamp | SL Home and Garden Expo
*Little Llama – Lamp of Shame – Blonde | SL Home and Garden Expo
*Little Llama – How to Train Your Sofa | SL Home and Garden Expo

*[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room – Vinyl Records | Kustom9
*[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room – Vinyl Record Box | Kustom9

Apple Fall Long Curtain (Old Item)
junk. barbed wire chandelier. silver.
Soy. Superlong potted cactus A w/stand
HIDEKI – Old Rug
:: Theory :: Vintage Yellow Ware Bowl
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Coffee ToGo Paperbag
Scarlet Creative Woodmans Spare Planks B
Jian – Beaumont Brick Fence
PLAAKA SmallFigTree


Visit CozeySL’s Guide to Second Life Home and Garden Expo here!




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