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Cosmos Boutique, Dekute Dekore for HGE 2016

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In just a few short hours, Second Life’s Home and Garden Expo will open to the public and just like that, we say hello to the 2016 Relay season!

Dekute Dekore will be featuring 2 modern themed sets for the bedroom and living room. Some of the pieces do allow you to change textures as well as resize, but again keep in mind that resizing mesh can increase (or not) your land impact quite drastically.

Cosmos Boutique is also participating this year. The Miniature Blossom Tree and Porcelain swans on low table display is not modifiable and so I was a bit more gingerly in placing it as you can see. The table itself is a lovely not all the way teal, just green enough not to be blue.

Newchurch is the place to be if you’re in the market for something that strikes the HG blogger’s heartstrings. The L’Amour Tufted bed in my scene is not showing the comforter and so I’ll be sure to put a link to the ad, below.

The L’amour Dresser comes in both decorated and plain types. Personally, I’d go with the decorated version, because things like that always make a good central point and great conversation piece.

“Hey I noticed the writing on your dresser, what does it mean?”
“Ooohhh girl, let me tell you some-sing, aight?!”

Yes, those talking points. These Newchurch designs can be found at On9  till the 28th.

Also, in case you missed yesterday’s post, here is the link to CozeySL’s HGE reference guide, where I’ve collected the LMs to each exhibit. I don’t know if it is helping any of ya’ll, but it is there to use so feel free. Sims are due to open at 9amSLT.

Thank you for dropping by this early Sunday morning, and here’s to hoping your Cupid doesn’t end up like mine, half winged, half drunk and no chocolate to show for.

*Cosmos Boutique Miniature Blossom Tree & Porcelain Swans on Low Table | The Expo Feb. 14th-March 6th

*Dekute Dekore Modest Dresser | The Expo Feb. 14th-March 6th
*Dekute Dekore Modest Chairs | The Expo Feb. 14th-March 6th
*Dekute Dekore Modest Nightstand & Lamp | The Expo Feb. 14th-March 6th

*:: NEWCHURCH :: L’Amour Tufted Bed | On9
*:: NEWCHURCH :: L’Amour Tall Dresser (Decorated) | On9

*hive // valentine’s laundry basket | Group Gift for Valentines Day!!
*hive // heart strings hanging | LTD The Event
*hive // heart strings frame | LTD The Event
*hive // vintage shelf | LTD The Event

*[ zerkalo ] Grandfather Clock – White | LTD The Event
*[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – Boxes | The Chapter Four
*[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – Single Balloon
*[ zerkalo ] True Love – Box wRoses White | The Gacha Garden


*Ariskea[Nordica] Hybrid Roses Peach
*Apple Fall Roses Box (White)
*[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream White – Table
*[ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Books
*[ zerkalo ] Beauty in the ordinary – Clothing Rack
*tarte. hot air balloon tealight (shells)
*tarte. hot air balloon tealight (teal damask)
*[DDD] The Fluffy Rug
*[PM]Pixel Mode – Aderley Lamp
Air_Magnolia deco(E)_luna
Fuzzy Creepers-Ivy Flower Climbing Vines
Sway’s [Birdcage] Wall art Candle holder . silver
The Loft and Ariskea Lilac and Nordic Roses MOD
16.aisling. Potted Plant
junk. potted tree.
[Ink] Bee curtain
[ zerkalo ] Beginning of the Day – Books
+Half-Deer+ Hanging Birch Branch – Dream (Silver)
dust bunny . flutter skybox




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