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Favorite of all Time

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Welcome, flashers of the extraordinary kind!

Love to Decorate The Event is now open for the month of February and will run till the 26th. There is a great ‘spring’ feel this go around, as Cari from the Little Branch features The New England, a lovely 4 season tree that would work great as an ornamental or a welcomed addition to your own personal nursery.

Cheeky Pea has also released the Shaded Garden Snug and spring themed potted light posts, to which I’ve added a cute sign board by The Hive and a few choice morsels for the cute factor. Do stop by and demo the demos!

The Second Life Home and Garden Expo will be opening to the public this Sunday, February 14th, from 9:00am to  Monday, March 7th 8:59am. A full three weeks to scour, no, devour? To tour the dozens of exhibits created by some of our best Home and Garden designers.

One such designer is Winter Loxely of Potomac Signature Homes. She’s created a couple of garden decor you’ll be glad to have around when the season finally turns. The Wishing Well and Echo Creek Footbridge are Potomac’s donation items for this year and are both modifiable. I will be including direct TPs in this post, as well as other HGE links below.

The Expo webpage is still being filled as we speak and currently there is an Events tab with the official calendar here. 

If you have any questions or comments, you bet I’d be willing to answer ’em! Buuuttt only if you say, cheese 😀


Second Life Home and Garden Expo Website
Opening February 14th through March 7th

Second Life Home and Garden Expo Flickr

Calendar of Events
HGE Shopping Guides (still being constructed)
*Direct TP’s will be available, so keep an eye out!


*Cheeky Pea Shaded Garden Snug | LTD The Event
*Cheeky Pea Spring Potted Light Posts | LTD The Event

*The Little Branch New England Mesh Trees (4 Seasons) | LTD The Event

*hive // most favorite board | LTD The Event
*hive // heart strings hanging | LTD The Event


*Potomac Signature Homes The Wishing Well | The Home Expo, Opens February 14th! (This is a direct tp to Potomac Signature Homes’ Exhibit)
*Potomac Signature Homes Potomac Mailbox | The Home Expo, Opens February 14th!
*Potomac Signature Homes Echo Creek Footbridge | The Home Expo, Opens February 14th!


*Chic Buildings Planter and Foliage – Pink Hers | On9


*Cheeky Pea Hanging Rope Candle (cloud)
*[ zerkalo ] Beauty in the ordinary – Simple Chandelier
:: Theory :: Terracotta Urn with Stand (Chalky)
{anc} ripple. oil
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Begging
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Sleeping
Mutresse – On vacation Gnome – RARE
Mutresse – Stunned – Garden Lady Gnomes
Polenths Mushporium Meadow Grass – Dark Green
Second Spaces – Treat Yourself – Spa Day – candles and stones
Fireflies – The Dash of Romance Firefly


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