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Say Your Name

Simplicity Sakes_1024

Here is today’s prompt from the friendly folks at the Daily Post: “Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?”

A lot of questions for one writing prompt ‘doncha’ think? I’ve always been a fan of the name, Samantha and not because she was my favorite character on SATC (you’ll have to google that one kids). 

The story goes, as my mom tells it, or used to tell it, that I was named after a close friend of hers who passed away before I was born. Gwendolyn. And she likes to say how she shortened it for fear of burdening a child with such a long name. I can’t even tell you how it translates into Hawaiian, that would probably take up a good paragraph or two.

All I know is that I was named after some woman who drowned in her early twenties. Awkward much? Yep. Thankfully, one of my great big Polynesian uncles, had the foresight to give me a lovely new moniker only a few years ago, and it has stuck ever since. Good ole’ simple, Wendz.

Yeah, I like it too.

A couple of mentions before I head off to la-la land, many of the items I have in the scene are from this next upcoming round of On9. It will officially open at 12pm SLT, February 9th and if you’ve had a chance to see the On9 Flickr Feed or Facebook Page, you know that this month we’re doing a little something special.

We’ve challenged designers to collaborate with each other, to create exclusive 1+1 themed items for partners, friends, loved ones, a very central theme surrounding Valentine’s Day. From what I’ve seen so far, they delivered :O

Do be sure to come by and see everything up close and personal when the time comes. Again, the sim opens up at approx. 12pmSLT February 9th and the event runs till the 28th. See you then and if not, you’ll be getting a telegram from little BuddaBabyDoll here.

Yeah…that was another nickname of mine -.-


*NYU LazyDay Top | FaMESHed
*NYU LazyDay Skirt | FaMESHed
*Hair: Iconic Von Dita Hair | On9 Opens Feb. 9th NoonSLT
*Glasses: Haysuriza Eyewear Cat Compound Eye | On9 Opens Feb. 9th Noon SLT
*Necklace: Bloodradex Heartless | On9 Opens Feb. 9th Noon SLT
*Bag: sYs Charley Bag | The Chapter Four
*Accessory: Black Bantham Pitbull Puppy/Boy Silver | The Gacha Garden
Head: Genesis Lab’s Lara 2.0 with Emily Applier
Body: Maitreya Lara 3.3
Location: Pomponne



  1. I’m actually named as Mozart for my middle name RL. Mum was listening to “The Magic Flute” when I was born so she used the moniker! Apparently, it was her easiest birth and as a baby she used to put Mozart music on for me and I slept very well.

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      • I find his music very relaxing and if I’ve had a painful day, then it is good for calming me down ready to get a bit of sleep! But also I use the quieter pieces during meditation because somehow it makes me rise above the daft thoughts and get to a place of peace. I think he was a very advanced soul.

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