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Sunday Sevensies – One Week till the Expo!

Charity loves much_1024

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

Let’s talk a little bit about these ahhhmazing lamps from Di’Cor before I start the usual Sunday drivel.

The Pollen Lamps come in two variations: the first in suspended form and the second, for a table top or two. There are two lamps in the suspended form and they are all modifiable. Six colours to choose from and remember one of the colours is set to a discount as well. They will be available this coming February 9th at On9 starting at noon SLT.

They’re simply gorgeous, and so unique a piece to add to any of your scenes so be sure to come by and see them up close and personal.

Now then, this episode of Sunday Sevensies is brought to you by one of many, who dare to pass the kindness candle forward and onward in our beloved metaverse.

I wanted to take a bit of time to talk about the upcoming Second Life Home and Garden Expo which will be officially starting ONE week from now, opening to the public at 1pmSLT. Press Day will be held on the 12th and 13th of February, so if you have a chance to take a look at the exhibits and shop, visit their website here for the LM and info. 

Every year that Cozey has participated is always a reminder to the fact that as a community, working for a single common goal, yields astounding results. And we are making a difference! These Relay for Life Mega events do make an impact, and I do wish more of our current palette of Second Life content creators would see this and participate. The issue is far beyond just another ‘shopping’ event in Second Life, the issue is cancer.

And I am deathly tired of it taking my loved ones so unfairly, so cruelly. I implore you few who come to visit Cozey, to bookmark the Expo website and stay abreast of the information; to visit even if it is just to browse the exhibits. It will be a great opportunity for you if you haven’t yet.

That’s it for today, and I hope this will give you a spark of motivation in the week to come.


Second Life Home and Garden Expo website

The Expo Flickr Group (Ads/previews)

The Expo Calendar of Events

Relay for Life Second Life

*Di’Cor Sophie Sofa | Click here for Info!
*Di’Cor Pollen Hanging/Table Lamps | Coming soon to On9!
*Shutter Field lovers shutters (Modified) | Coming soon to On9
*Shutter Field lovers crate seat (Modified | Coming soon to On9
*Babioles – Antique Paris Frame Group Gift for On9 February!

*[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine Series | The Chapter Four
[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – Armchair – PG
[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – Pillow
[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – Rug
[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – Single Balloon
[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine – 3 Balloons

*[ zerkalo ] Vintage Spa – Canopy | FaMESHed
*[ zerkalo ] Memories – Candles – Light | Shiny Shabby
*[ zerkalo ] Memories – Ottoman – Light  | Shiny Shabby

*[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream – Round Pillow
*[ zerkalo ]Winter Dream – Rug
*[ zerkalo ] Winter Evening – Candlestick
*[ zerkalo ] All White – Basket
*[ zerkalo ] Memories – Candles – Light
*[ zerkalo ] Beauty in the ordinary – Basket
*[ zerkalo ]Beauty in the ordinary – Lamp – RARE


Soy. Vintage lace curtain (cream)
Soy. Beaded curtain (white wood)
+Half-Deer+ Minimalist Tree – White
Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Blinds Carriage Open
Scarlet Creative Carriage Main House




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