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Cozey Secret Garden


To properly welcome Hanaya’s latest Fairy series in garden/ landscaping decor to CozeySL, I’ve made a teeny eensy weensy uh, commercial if you will (after the jump!) 

I sometimes make these short clips in lieu of the collage-y close-ups. They’re not professional machinima but I love doing ’em when time allows. The key take-away here is, time honey. It’s a precious commodity, eh?

I do have a page where you can watch past clips and I’m slowly working on my Youtube channel, uh, for what I’m not sure yet….hmm.

Do be sure to stop by Hanaya to see an up close and personal looksee.

Also, if you’re interested, I will be keeping this scene up over the weekend (till Sunday), feel free to IM me inworld should you need a background for your own blog posts. The Fairy Seat does include animations as well as the Swan Bench.

Thanks for stopping by on this, your one stop pre-Superbowl gardening experience!

I don’t know, just needed to sound more commercially I guess.


*-Hanaya- Fairies Garden Bath | New @ Mainstore!
*-Hanaya- Fairies Garden Seat | New @ Mainstore!
*-Hanaya- Victorian Fountain | New @ Mainstore!
*-Hanaya- Fairies Garden Corner (walls only) | New @ Mainstore!

*meadowWorks Goose Tall ~ Bronze Path Light
*meadowWorks Goose Short ~ Bronze Path Light
*meadowWorks Swan Bench & Pillows
*meadowWorks Swan Queen Bronze
*meadowWorks Leda and the Swan Stone
*meadowWorks Swan Floating Candles Trio

*DaD DESIGN ” Victorian Valve Tower”
*DaD DESIGN “Victorian bridge single”

*Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree Series
*Hayabusa Design Willow Tree

*meadowWorks Fancy Schmancy Fleurs ~ Dress Garden
*meadowWorks Moonflower Vine
*meadowWorks Dryad ~ “Paradise”
*meadowWorks Vinca ~ semi circle ~ groundcover
*Cube Republic Fern Single
Apple Fall Bushmead Railing and post
Dysfunctional Designs Draping Ivy
Dysfunctional Designs Candle-lit Victorian Street Lamp
Heart – Aubretia – Tiny – Lilac – SPARSE
Heart – Aubretia – Small – Green 1
Stormwood ~ Cobblestone Floor
Polenth’s Mushporium Meadow Grass – Dark Green



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