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Now You See Me

i dont have a name yet

“You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower?”

Over the last few posts, there has been sort of a renaissance in writing around here.  I’ve been pinging back to The Daily Post’s Prompt of the day as part of a refresher in their Blogging University series. It is a great real-life resource that has aided me over the many, many, many times I’ve had writer’s block and I have PrettyFlower Vale aka one of my favorite fellow blogger, to thank.

Come to think about it, it has been nearly a year since I included The Daily Post on  anything here at Cozey. When you’ve exhausted all of the wonderful, detailed and well thought out tutorials on Second Life blogging (for content promotion mind you), and are in a need of a change, than I highly recommend The Daily Post as a resource.

So back to the topic of the day, I have the ability to appear and disappear at will. Obviously, this would be pretty damn useful if say you were being robbed at gun point, or were the thief even.I mean, I’m a Pisces for goodness sake. Isn’t it in our DNA to disappear at will?

Anyway, like I said, wrapping my head around the idea of possibly appearing in V’s bedroom at will might be tempting, but I digress. Let’s see, there was this ONE time in gym. Something with a wardrobe malfunction and me running back to the locker room covering my chest.

Yeah this ability would’ve been useful then.

In other news of the Second Life variety, Linden Lab’s is once again promoting their annual “What Valentine’s Day Means to You” feature for would-be storytellers and photographers. It would be a great way to get your work seen by the community overall, and an opportunity to share your own story. Here is the link to their blog post, and you can also read a little bit more about it on Berry’s blog as well.

Thanks for scrolling by today, you’ve made it this far down, why not be rewarded with a generous helping of shopping credits and locations for your trouble?


On Wendz:

*Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Charlotte Mesh Hair | FaMESHed
*Headpiece: LaGyo_Hope headband Black | FaMESHed
*Necklace: RealEvil LUX Fina Necklace | Season’s Story
*Necklace: Yummy Crystal Ribbon Necklace
*Dress: Stories&Co. Milly Dress by Flowy
Head: Genesis Labs Lara 2.0 (group gift!)
Applier: Genesis Labs Fiona (group gift!)
Eyes: Dead Apple Marble Eyes Deep

*Pose: !bang Snowbunnies by Luna Jubilee

On Mal:

Coat: Deadwool Eskimo Coat
Scarf: ::K:: Double Scarf
*Necklace: RealEvil ReVoX Unreal
Glasses: [IC] Mesh Nerd Glasses
*Hair: Tableau Vivant Vertigo | Men Only Monthly


Lost Horizon



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  1. Squee! Thanks for mentioning me Wendz … I have to tell you my jaw dropped. What? Wendz Tempest, blogger and photographer superstar, mentioned me AND used the word “favorite!”? I squeed the same way I did when one of my fave superstar famous bestselling authors, Laurell K. Hamilton, replied to a tweet and mentioned me by name! Yes, I am a fangirl, and I fangirl over you, and folks like Sky Nefekalum, who I ran into in-world one day, and he actually said “hi,” and at that moment I lost all ability to speak in sentences. Dammit! Thanks for making my week awesome!

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