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Love to Decorate The Event Welcomes you to a New Year!

My Kind of Mess

This room embodies the inner girly girl of a hipster in hibernation, lots of pink, lots of cute and a family of kitties to boot. Not literally.

Love to Decorate ‘The Event’ has a few gorgeous finds this month including Cheeky Pea’s latest canopy creation. The All Hanging Canopy lounger is available in 3 separate colours/patterns; Serenity, Harmony and Vibrant. Also, N4RS releases the Belle Bureau where I’ve placed my latest gacha find from VCO for the Season’s Story.

Apt B, Tarte, and a few finds from The Liaison Collaborative have me feeling like inspiration can be found in even the smallest of details. If I could go back in time to the place where delicate colours and a pale palette were my thing, then maybe there is hope for crossing this inner storm of black and blues that have sort of permeated the air here at Cozey.

Ahhh, the innocence is tangible, like, fluffy butter on a toasted slice of dark rye. Was that your tummy growling or mine?

Do make a trip out to the event which runs bi-weekly from the 12th-26th and if you have any questions or comments about anything in the scene, or life itself feel free to leave them in the box below.

Love to Decorate The Event Jan. 12th- 26th

*DaD DESIGN ” Victorian Valve Tower” (modified)
*Cheeky Pea Vibrant Hanging Canopy Lounger
*N4RS Belle Bureau – New Pink
*tarte. dream string light
*Apt B // LTD Gacha Frame
*Apt B // LTD Gacha Flowers

*tarte. clipboard art | The Liaison Collaborative
*tarte. constellation light | The Liaison Collaborative

*tarte. me & you marquee (pearlescent) | Collabor88
*tarte. holo love frame | Collabor88


*Cheeky Pea Composition Notebook | Season’s Story
*Cheeky Pea Easton Hanging Heart Planter | Season’s Story
VCO ~ My PC | Season’s Story
[[RH]] Cat (Gray) Mam | Season’s Story


*Ariskea[Nordica] Hybrid Roses Violet | FaMESHed


Serenity Style- Neylan Lamp | The Liaison Collaborative
Serenity Style- Neylan Mirror  | The Liaison Collaborative
Serenity Style- Neylan Puf  | The Liaison Collaborative
Serenity Style- Neylan Box  | The Liaison Collaborative

*Kalopsia – Cookies Plate
aisling. Drop Vases
aisling. Water Plant
aisling. Wall Candles
Cheeky Pea Star Hanging Garland
(NO) Quirky Face Pot – Olivia
(NO) Quirky Face Pot – Mia
[Toiz] 7. Cornelian Cherry pot
-tres blah- Cozy Winter – Space Heater (Mint)
-tb- French School Chair – White
-tb- Spring Living – Roses RARE
-tb- Spring Living – Wired Heart (Black)
-tb- Vanity – Dress Form
[RI] Razzberry Inc. Fancy Rug
floorplan. string light pallets / pink
+Half-Deer+ Minimalist Tree – White
{vespertine} – knitting 4 2
Kalopsia – Hanging Drapes Modified
Keke Twinkling Log Lights Modified
{yumyum} ivy A(khaki)
~*Garden Of Dreams*~ Hanging Ivy (Modded)



  1. Reblogged this on Diamonds in the SL Sky and commented:
    An amazing decor blog! I have to share this scene.. I wish they would “outfit” my house!
    Tell ya what.. I will drop all of my TB, Cheeky, Aisling, Keke, Kalopsie items.. plus all the others in this post, and you come by and move it around for me. LOL.. please? umm I can beg ya some more.. let me find my knee pads…

    but first…… let me take a selfie… hehe jk jk.. or am i?

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