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Sunday Sevensies: Your Blog is Your Baby

Network and Chill

Greetings fellow lurker, and welcome to another Sunday Sevensies blogisode, where the vocabulary is exemplary and the points don’t matter.

Unless of course, you are the reader type, then my friend you have stumbled upon a great pick me up today.

Blogging basics by any blogger standard could render you fearless, or like many of us, powerless. Powerless against the onslaught of our doomed procrastination to do all the little things that keep a blog running smoothly, effortlessly, like a well oiled machine. Of a sort.

I don’t remember exactly when CozeySL turned into a buzzing hive of Pottery-Barn vs Good Housekeeping posts. And frankly that’s what this place has turned into. No complaint really, just taking a step back and assessing things.

I think the lot of us out here in the SL blogosphere have had our share of bemusement and down right berating of the worst kind lately. The divide between the creator/designer and consumer/blogger seems a might bit deeper than previous years, and with so many of us now flooding our area of influence, its no wonder that communication and good ole understanding gets thrown out of the window.

By the way, my next room shall be dubbed, ‘The Elbow Room’.

When it all comes down to it, a blogger’s responsibility foremost is to his or her own blog. You wanted a blog? You started a blog, and now by golly, this blog wants to grow, it wants to eat, and be nourished and it wants to do what it was designed to do.

Whatever its purpose was in the beginning of your ‘journey’, the honest to goodness fact is that many of us fall by the wayside and trust me I’ve buried a few dozen, no funeral, no song and dance. But oohh the regrets and the coulda-shoulda-wouldas!

Sorry where were we again? Oh yes.

Your blog is your baby. Not your Flickr (although that is a good thing to have of course), not your Facebook, not your Twitter, your B-L-O-G. I have had to buckle down on reversing my train of thought this year in that, the Flickr views, the Facebook Likes, and the Twitter tweets are all good in their time and place, AFTER, the content has been published.

In spite of the Second Life blogosphere, with all the niches and nuances and repertoire it has come to earn, we out here are in fact still a minority in the bigger part of the metaverse. Not every resident has a ‘blog’ and come to think about it, only a handful of my closest friends even have one, the rest find SL blogs irrelevant.

How’s that for a tumble down Humiliating Street? I mean Humility. Sorry?

What sort of content are you marketing? Are you partnered with brands in an advertiser’ role? What are your goals for your blog? Where do you see your blog in the next year? 5 years? Does it serve the community? Is it a relevant part of your Second Life experience?

These are the questions that continually drive me to come back to Cozey everyday, including Sundays. (I take Thursdays off, sometimes). Here lies the culmination of today’s rambling: The worst thing I could do is fend off this blog as another climb to some unattainable and fictional slot on the ladder of some god-awful virtual business model..yiikes!

But then the best thing I could ever hope for, is maybe a renewed sense of purpose and not so much climbing, but more of sharing, understanding, helping other ‘babies’ grow.

Sure, I’ll woo you into a virtual shopping frenzy and tempt you to spend hard earned cash for a bit of virtual content. And then, after that, you’ll want to stay a while, have a sat, and maybe share a thought or two as well.

At its core, CozeySL is a representation of all that I hold near and dear to my heart. And you, fair reader, fellow lurker, and friendly scroller, you are always welcomed.

*Top: Paper Arrow Henley | N21
*Leggings: Blueberry Denise | N21
*Boots: Reign Laced Moon Boots (rare) black | N21
*Hair: Pr!tty Leia | Lost and Found
*Accessories: Cosmic Dust Large Faced Sunray Watch

*Fawny My Little Puppy Gacha | N21
Love Soul Chocolate Parfait
Lelutka Leda Mesh Head
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body






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