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Let them see you

Love you with my Life

There’s a little bit of Caturday craziness in all of us, but this one happens to be Cozey-ing up in such cuteness, you can’t help but cuddle.

Coming off of the latest round of the winter colds and ickiness, I just wanted to be able to log inworld and take a pretty picture without the hassle of 10,ooo sneezes a minute.

Thankfully you fair reader, are behind a sterilized monitor, bless your heart.

On9’s January round is upon us and I’ve got on a couple of smart lookin’ glasses from Haysuriza Eyewear, the Fox series and pretty ankle strap heels from Essenz, both available toooday and if you look hard enough, they’ve set one colour/selection at a discount too.

FaMESHed also brings us the latest from NYU designs and I’m digging the bare shoulder cut a bit more than I dare to admit. As usual she has several colours to choose from and are sold separately so demo demo demo.

Do be sure to scroll through the appending credits (sounds like something that needs surgery) and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, caturday tips, feel free to leave them in the box below.


*Top: NYU  Bare Shoulder Knit | FaMESHed
*Skirt: NYU Buttoned Front Skirt | FaMESHed
*Shoes: Essenz Riga | On9 Now Open for January
*Glasses: Haysuriza Eyewear Fox No.2 | On9
*Hair: Tukinogawa Inari | On9
*Necklace: Cae Refresh | FaMESHed
*Pose: Kirin Poses Azure (modified)

[[RH]] Design House Wool (GAMAGUCHI) in cat -MARI- (common) – The Season’s Story Opens January 10th!

For other credits feel free to send an inquiry through email,


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