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A December to Remember

Snowed In

Forgive me for the lack of a working title today, but these funny little folks keep hollering for attention!

If you’re looking for the latest in pet accessories, or rather the pet is the accessory? Then these cutesy fellas are pewfect for you! Oh wow, I’m reverting to babyspeak :/ Alright who’s the smarty who gave me drunken gingerbread cake instead of the non drunken one??

Yes, the latest in adorable companions of the four legged kind, Fawny has released their My Little Puppy as a gacha at N21 for the month of December.

I have named these particular dudes, Tail-Wagger, Slobber-Dispenser, Rawln’-Balln’, LookN-4Trouble (he’s the one staring off into wonderland) and oh yes, then there’s Fred.

Fred’s a little sly gangster yet, but eventually he’ll find out who’s really the alpha in this pack 🙂

I’m wearing Reign’s most perfect Moon Boots since the invention thereof, they are also gacha prizes.  I am also sporting Entice’ Cold as Ice outfit (just the top mind you) which is an exclusive at Christmas on 34th Street. In case your pretty feet are itching to visit before the 27th, here are the event map, links and slurl if you need them:

Christmas on 34th Street Website

Christmas on 34th Street Flickr Group

Questions, comments, suggestions for better doggy names, leave ’em below, thank you kindly.

“Gawd, Fred, you’re as whiny as a rusty door in the middle of November.” 


*Top: Entice Cold as Ice Jacket | Christmas on 34th Street
*Hair: Ayashi Leila | Shiny Shabby
*Boots: Reign Laced Moon Boots (rare pack 1) | N21
*Pose: !bang 571#
Jeans: Blueberry Mia Jeans
Head: Lelutka Leda
Body: Maitreya Lara

*Fawny’s My Little Puppy Series @ N21
Fawny – My little puppy – Companion – RARE
Fawny – My little puppy – Holdable – RARE
Fawny – My little puppy – 2,5,4

Other Credits:
*Dysfunctionality Fluffy Wreath 25L for today only!
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Winter Nook (with Snowtop) | LTD The Event
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Winter Mailbox | LTD The Event


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