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Cozey Central

Cozey Central

A stroll to the center of a township square and the twinkling lights to lead you there, is all you need to start your evening of fun, of love and joyful receiving. 

Love to Decorate The Event is currently underway and I was really excited when Marcus had mentioned there would be snow add-ons to this ahhhmazing Victorian inspired gazebo, designed by the lovely Sheerpetal Roussel of DaD Designs. 

There are 3 versions of the gazebo that you can purchase, the build itself, the build with flowerpots and plants  and the build with Christmas and snow-addons.

Here’s a few more actual factuals in case and really its not a heavy build whatsoever and think of the possibilities come spring and summer even!

*Victorian Gazebo Empty
Footage: 13,0x 13,00
Land Impact: 28
copy/modify yes
no transfer

*Victorian Gazebo with flowerpots and plants
Footage: 13,0x 13,00
Land Impact: 40
copy/modify yes
no transfer

*Victorian Gazebo with flowerpots and plants & xmas/snow decor
Footage: 17,0x 17,00 (about)
Land Impact:
Gazebo: 40
Snow addons: 15
Poinsettia decor : 5
String light: 1 each
copy/modify yes (scripts are not modify)
no transfer

There are other deco items I’ve placed around Cozey Central from LTD Event as well including unKindness‘ very unique Wilderness lamps, The Little Branch’s new series of Bradford trees that are interchangeable with 4 seasons (yay and stuff!) and last but never the least Pixel Mode’s Outdoor Lights Kit that includes a myriad of shapes that are fully copy and mod so basically, you can fit them over just about anything.

Of course you always want to be doubly sure about resizing anything mesh on SL as mesh tends to increase in land impact. That’s my PSA for this month k?

Apple Fall has also released the Farrow Garden walls this month at Wayward Market as a GIFT (yep a gift people, Merry Christmas to us!), and Action’s Glimmer Fir Tree lies in the center of it all looking all so glimmery. Do peruse the ole credits and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the box below.

I will be leaving this scene up till NoonSLT December 15th, so if you’d like to use it for a background or anything of the sort, ping me and I’ll add you for a spell 🙂

Have a terrific rest of your evening ❤


The following designs are available exclusively at Love to Decorate the Event Dec. 12th-26th!

*DaD DESIGN “Victorian Gazebo” | Love to Decorate The Event
*unKindness Wilderness Lamp | Love to Decorate The Event
*The Little Branch Bradford Bended & Winter Grass| Love to Decorate The Event
*[PM]Pixel Mode – Outdoor Lights Kit | Love to Decorate The Event


*Apple Fall Farrow Garden Walls Gift | Wayward Market


*{vespertine} falu woodenhouse / mistletoe & winterberry | FaMESHed
*The Little Branch Conifer v2, v3 | FaMESHed

Action Glimmer Fir Tree | New @ Mainstore

Other Credits:
Dysfunctionality Candle-lit Victorian Street Lamps
Trompe Loeil – Josette Boutique Bleu

ArchiTech Design – Winter Bush Red Berries
Botanical – Boxwood Hedges
Two Moon Gardens Winter Poplars
3D Trees Larch Green
Skye Land Forms


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