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Snowflake Rise

Snowflake Rise

Finding a moment throughout the day to simply bask in what pixelated sunlight I can find.

According to our local meteorologists, there have been approximately 5 storms that have passed through the Puget Sound or will pass through within the span of a week. Which means lots of gray, lots of squishy lawns, and my mud room looking like the tidal flats have moved in.

Ahhh, what bountiful blessings our wonderful warm summer hath bestowed upon us.

Starting tomorrow we, us, you fellow lurker and I will welcome a couple of shopping events that promises to bedazzle the holiday spirit out of your comfy cozey recliner and into the bright wide world of the SL winter shopping scene. Gather up your scarves, mittens and new beanie, or you do like I do with half of your alpha cuts on, one shoe, no hair and maybe a pair of shorts.

On9’s Fire and Ice event is in fact a gacha event and we are welcoming New Church back as one of our home and garden designers with their new Craftsman Fireplace and a few other deco items. The white is the rare prize but there are other colors to win as well.

Christmas on 34th Street will also be opening tomorrow and Moon Amore has released their Festive Swing, this piece is really a showstopper in that the added doily on the seat and appending ornaments just give it that whimsy. AND there are animations galore, so do make it a point to demo the swing.

That’s it for this Torrential Tuesday evening here at Cozey, should you have any questions, any concerns, any safety ones at that, I’d be more than happy to listen/read.

*:Moon Amore: Festive Swing -Snow | Christmas on 34th Street Dec. 9-27th
-Christmas on 34th Street Flickr

*New Church Craftsman Fireplace (White/RARE) | On9 Fire and Ice Dec. 9-28th
*New Church Hurricane Votive Lamp | On9 Fire and Ice Dec. 9-28

*Zerkalo Holiday Spirit | Collabor88
[ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit – Couch
[ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit – Glasses with Candles
[ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit – Table
[ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit – Curtain
[ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit – Roll Pillow
[ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit – Christmas Tree

*Tarte Nordic Winter Collection | Collabor88
tarte. burlap tree (bare)
tarte. DIY entryway table
tarte. recycled window frame
tarte. decorative picture holder


*Stockholm&Lima: Winter’s Respite Floor Rug | FaMESHed
*[ zerkalo ] Winter Cozy – Table Light
*[ zerkalo ] Winter Cozy – Christmas Tree

*[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Chair with Gifts | Arcade December 2015
[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Tiny Tree
[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Love
[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Christmas Tree – RARE

*tarte. twig snowflake (bare) | Arcade December 2015
dust bunny . white rose pitcher
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell House MT RARE (Modified) | Arcade December 2015

*Cheeky Pea Industrial Letters and Backboard | N-21
Apt B // Winter Decor Lantern | The Mens Dept

*[ARIA] Savannah Roman Blinds
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neverland Clock
Consignment Athena Dining Set Chandelier
Dreamscapes Gallery Carol Garland
tarte. twinkle tree
[Black Bantam] Nature Is My Garden Pinecone Crown – Fall



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