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Holiday Lane

Holiday Lane

Where this road leads is a story altogether most pleasant, so by stander stand by and enjoy what is present.

Sooo since this is the time of the year where we are all about sharing, and caring and even more sharing, right? I set up this mini town of sorts last night as more of an experiment than normal blog set. It was fun, even at 1am! And when the clock hit 3am, I figure one last snow mound would be alright.

I plan on keeping everything up for a day or two so if you’re interested in using it as a background for your own pictures, feel free to IM me in world (Wendz Tempest).

Here’s a great view from the front taken by Vertig0 that looks absolutely scrumptious:

Sari Sari’s take on a Traditional Christmas peppers this scene with a bit of whimsy and a big heart indeed and you can tell by the treats no one is left behind on Christmas! Even Mr. Whatshisface Garden gnome 🙂 (aaawww)

Holiday Lane2

There are also several pieces featured here from Hanaya and Wood Works that are available at Second Life’s Christmas Expo which is now open until the 14th. I happen to stop by and take a peek before opening and sure enough, there are alllll kinds of activities besides the shoppingses. Be sure to visit each of the links for more information.

There is also an Expo Guidebook you can view off world that has been put together in partnership with Eclipse Magazine.

2015 Second Life Christmas Expo Website

2015 Second Life Christmas Expo Facebook Page

2015 Second Life Christmas Expo Flickr 

Exhibitor List & Shopping Guide

Thanks for dropping by today on your busy busy week, I know you know what’s comin’ so I saved an extra donut, but please donut forget to ping me or leave a comment in the box below.

*Sari Sari Traditional Christmas | Arcade December 2015
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Santa Mailbox RARE
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Reindeer RARE
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Frosty’s Cafe Sign
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Tree Farm Sign
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Gran’s Gingerbread Recipe
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – My Old Sock
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Winter Table RARE
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Vintage Tin Trees
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Deer Cookies
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Garland and Candle
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Upcycled Advent
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Festive Sign
-Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Winter Table RARE

*Sari-Sari – Reindeer Donut Plate | Tannenbaum Market
*Sari-Sari – Snowman Donut Plate| Tannenbaum Market

Botanical – Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree | Tannenbaum Market
Ariskea [Twinkling] String Star | Tannenbaum Market

*-Hanaya- Ball Topiary with Lights (triple) | SL Christmas Expo 2015
*-Hanaya- Ball Topiary with Lights + Bow (triple) | SL Christmas Expo 2015
*-Hanaya- Illuminated Branches (red) | SL Christmas Expo 2015
*-Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain [mesh] | SL Christmas Expo 2015

*Thistle Christmas Tree Joy Hope Celebrate | SL Christmas Expo
*Woodworks Furniture and Home Decor  Christmas Delivery | SL Christmas Expo

*tarte. manhattan townhome RARE | Arcade December 2015

*The Little Branch Conifer (winter/seasons) | FaMESHed
-3 versions available and also one just for winter (its purdy)

*+Half-Deer+ Snow Animals – Bear | N21
*+Half-Deer+ Snow Animals – Dog| N21
*+Half-Deer+ Snow Animals – Cat | N21

{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of doves [choco-brown] | Arcade December 2015

Other Items Featured:
Apple Fall Bushmead Railing Post
[Dysfunctionality] Starry Night Garland
[Dysfunctionality] Poinsettia Pot
The Hive – Turk’s Red Top Table
Build: Trompe Loeil – Josette Boutique Forest
Alouette – Street Lamp
3D Trees Larch Green Series
{anc} nebra beads [sungold]
{anc} mist cloud






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