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The Light of a Million-Mornings

Light of a million mornings

Today  is never too late to be brand new.

Greetings fellow lurker and please, for your sake and your loved ones’ take a few steps back. This season’s latest cold/virus mutation is paying me a visit and I want so badly to put the blame on someone or something. Oh joy, that was the last of the Kleenex 😦

Photography by Vertig0 Sands

So the Arcade yeahhh! How’s that working out for ya’ll? Some of the shopping I’ve done admit tingly come from various resellers and big surprise source, SL Marketplace. Vertig0 had mentioned this as a potential place for gacha finds a while back and mannnnn am I so ever grateful. It does help to type the exact listing of whatever you are looking for (gacha-wise) I’ve found. Here’s his take on my all white white holiday bedroom:

A couple of tidbits before I head off to Robitussin-Land, the build IS the Manhattan townhome (rare)  from Tarte for the Arcade, however with some modifications. I re-textured the interior walls with a worn brick design from Skye Studios, mostly for aesthetics. Here it is without the mods:

You can see there is some light casting uh ‘meshed’ in (I think that’s the word?!) but I went ahead and used a windlight with shadow work anyway. Ping me if you have any questions.

There are also new items  from Cheeky Pea, Zerkalo, The Hive annnddd if you don’t mind taking a break from teleporting hell, FaMESHed is also open for December 🙂

Thank you for visiting the sick folk today, bless your heart.

 *Tarte Manhattan Holiday | The Arcade – December 2015
-tarte. manhattan bed RARE
-tarte. chair with pillow (Modified)
-tarte. watercolor deer frame
-tarte. tree marquee
-tarte. sheet music frame
-Full Gacha Key Here

*Zerkalo Magical Christmas | The Arcade – December 2015
-[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Love
-[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Christmas Moose
-[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Tiny Tree
-[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Sock
-[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Christmas Branch
-[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Basket with Ornaments
-[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Pile of Gifts#1
-[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Fireplace
-Full Gacha Key Here

*Zerkalo Winter Cozy | FaMESHed (Updated Link!)
-[ zerkalo ] Winter Cozy – Coffee Set
-[ zerkalo ] Winter Cozy – Christmas Tree
-[ zerkalo ] Winter Cozy – Table Light
-Full Vendor Ad Here

*Cheeky Pea Wire Pinecone Wreath Frames – Christmas White | The Dressing Room Fusion
*Cheeky Pea Rustic Romance Bed (modified for lace pieces only) | FaMESHed

*The Hive Winter Hutch Table | Tannenbaum Market till December 25th!
*The Hive Winter Hutch (Modified) | Tannenbaum Market till December 25th!

Kalopsia Onion Gates (Modified) | The Fantasy Collective till December 15th!

More Arcade Goodies!
dust bunny . ruffle rug
dust bunny . white rose vase
dust bunny . rag wreath
dust bunny . ruffle chair
dust bunny . beaded lamp
dust bunny . white rose pitcher
NOMAD // Silver Sphere Chandelier

Other Items
{anc} NOEL. : tears tree / 9Li RARE
{anc} NOEL. : frilled furrug / milk 2Li
Kalopsia – Fancy Gazebo (Modified)
Apple Fall Tied Books
Eli Baily Bachelor Loft Curtains Modified




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