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Cozey Hodgepodge Potpourri

Cozey Hodgepodge Potpourri

Do not attempt to adjust your eyelids or retinas, this is in fact my attempt to clear a few things from inventory. Will you dare to make the jump?

The more I look at this scene the more I remember why holiday shopping can be infuriating if we allow it to be. Like who mixes modern metallic furniture with knitted blankets and reindeer decor anyway? Me apparently.

I do apologize for the appearance of a lack of ingenuity on my part, however in my humble (double hah!) defense, today is just a hodgepodge kind of day.

I remember a slogan my former place of employment used to push on us lowly associates, something about, “Finding the Treasure”.

See it was a discount retail conglomerate and basically you’d have to be ‘on the hunt’ for whatever ‘treasure’ it was you were looking for, be it half priced china, Mikasa sets (missing that one plate of course), OH and shelves and shelves of discontinued irregular, pet beds.

So,  iffen’ you made it down this far through this here pudgy wudgy post, I encourage you to take a closer peek at each item with a different set of eyes. Have you been looking for alternatives to the more traditional Christmas-y decor? Are you looking for a new home? Have you seen where I placed my glasses? (oops they’re on my head!)

Hodgepodge Potpourri is available in three separate fragrances, one for your lover, one for you and one for the manic shopper beside you. Thank you for shopping at your local Ro… I mean thanks for stopping by today you fabulous lurker you.

And really, truly, if you need a shopping buddy, or spare magnifying glass, don’t hesitate to ping me.

*tarte. rainy day blanket (blues) | Collabor88 Ends soon!
*tarte. manhattan townhome RARE | The Arcade is coming soon… like in less than 12 hours omgash

*hive // vintage laundry basket (Modified) | Tannenbaum Market
*ARIA – Myrrh Handmade Vintage Tree Topper – RARE | Tannenbaum Market
-ARIA – Myrrh Handmade Vintage Bulb Bauble Ornament 
-ARIA – Myrrh Handmade Vintage Traditional Bauble Ornament
-ARIA – Myrrh Handmade Vintage Pointed Bauble Ornament
{anc} glass ornament. feather twig chair  | Tannenbaum Market
Kalopsia – Twigs Star – Dark RARE | Tannenbaum Market
Kalopsia – Glitter Leaf – Gold | Tannenbaum Market
MishMish – Red Bauble | Tannenbaum Market
MishMish – Golden Bauble | Tannenbaum Market
[Brixley] Christmas countdown sign | Tannenbaum Market

*!six o’clock! chair 02 | Lost and Found
*Cheeky Pea Industrial Letters | N-21

hive // red-nosed holiday decor | WayWard Market
Bitter Vanilla Starry lights | Creator’s Collection Box
Wood Wreath (white light) | Creator’s Collection Box

*Dysfunctionality Wicker Candle Lanterns | The Liason Collaborative ends today!
*Dysfunctionality Woodsy Garden Pinwheel | The Liason Collaborative ends today!
Sway’s [Darret] Wood frame & Sillhouette  | The Liason Collaborative ends today!
Corn Husk Wreath  | The Liason Collaborative ends today!
Kalopsia – Crate Pile  | The Liason Collaborative ends today!
Kalopsia – Soup Mug – Potatoes  | The Liason Collaborative ends today!
Silence. – Cage Light – Steel | The Liason Collaborative ends today!
[Black Bantam] Binded Rope Acorn String BLights | The Liason Collaborative ends today!

Consignment Antique Lamp| Collabor88
{what next} Vermont Mug (Deer) | Collabor88
{what next} Vermont Hot Chocolatiere (Deer) | Collabor88

*Bokeh – Cloudy Crates “Natural”
Plaaka CottonFruits
floorplan. slat fireplace / color
Apple Fall Sketchbook Liberty
Soy. Iringa Baskets
Soy. DarK Purple Berries
Soy. Three legged chair [crow]
Soy. Vintage lace curtain (cream)
Soy. Solid Wood Center Table
Kalopsia – Knitting Basket – Cream | MODIFIED
:HAIKEI: Classic Rug
.Caco’s Greenhouse Origami Lamps





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