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Only Believe

Only Believe

“What if I fall?” “Oh my darling, what if you fly?”

Many a kind soul have spoken to me over the course of the year saying it would be folly to take on my mother and be her full time caregiver.

“But Wendy, what about your health? You have got to look out for you first!”

“Wendy, you’ve already got a full plate, you have teenagers and you work. What about your jobs?”

“But Wendy, she’ll understand! She knows you’ve got your own life to live, your own family to take care of.”

“Wendy it’s a hard, hard job, I don’t think you realize how difficult it will be, she’s your mom.”

Yes she is. And maybe somewhere down inside, somewhere between submission and outright stubbornness, I keep believing that her time spent with us will be a benefit in the long run. And thankfully, there have been results. ‘They’ tell me that the progress she makes in a year is basically it. After which she would unlikely recover or at least it would slow down significantly.

Well, it’s been about 10 months to the day, and this evening, for the first time, she managed to turn down her own bed for the night without her cane, and without my help.

“But Wendy?” But nothing. Everyday, every moment, even during the bad times I am grateful that she is alive and still believes in herself. After all, movement begins in the mind, and when you get past belief and into action, why, you could do anything.

Even fly.

On Mal:

Hat: Deadwool Fedora Hat (common)
Coat: Deadwool Roman Coat
Pants: Deadwool Joad Pants (for boots)
Shoes: Deadwool Patmos Boots
Hands: Slink Relaxed Mesh Hands
Wings: Remarkable Oblivion Azrael Wings | We Love Role-Play

On Wendz:

*Dress: Baiastice Cara Dress
*Earrings: Zibska Fontaine
Hair: Elikatira Karee
Wings: Remarkable Oblivion Eternity Wings
Head: Lelutka Leda 1.3
Body: Maitreya Lara
*Pose: Sari-Sari’s We Can Fly | Enchantment SL Ends December 5th




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