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Consider the City | Essenz Give-away!

Consider the City1

Aloha Friday fellow blog hoppers! Today is a day for a different kind of Cozey, one that didn’t follow the usual round of holiday parade of living rooms (not yet anyway). We’ve carved out a detour for a trip out to the city!

Di’Cor’s Amy chaise set is now available at N-21 and includes both Amy Concept lamp (left of image) and Amy Arc table. There are three other colours to choose from as far as the main ‘upholstery’. The pillows and throw only come in one set print, there are no texture options. The lamp shade however, does, so be sure to view them in ‘person’ at the venue before hand or click here for full ad.

To the right of the scene are a couple of finds that may play well to a more modern taste with six-o-clock’s geometric shelf and chair that is currently being featured at On9. On9 will be ending its November run tomorrow around midnight so iffen’ you’ve got enough gas to get you there, I highly recommend it. Not a lot of folks know this but we do carry decor brands so yeah….buckle up and stuff!

Being that today is Black Friday, I won’t keep on with the usual drivel, but I did want to do a teeny bit of promo that is technically unrelated to home and garden. Essenz footwear is having a 50% off storewide sale starting today to the 29th and Cozey is giving away 3 gift cards each worth 500L!

To enter, simply leave your Second Life name (legacy please! easier to find you my dear!) in the comment box below. I’ll be placing the names in a Random Generator on Saturday evening 9pmSLT so ya’ll can have at least one whole day left to shop the discounts. Good luck to you all and I can’t wait to see you struttin’ in your fabulous choooos!

Details a la bullet point:

Awesome blossom!


*Di’Cor Amy Chaise [YELLOW] | N-21
*Di’Cor Amy Arc table [White] | N-21
*Di’Cor Amy Concept Lamp | N-21

*!six o’clock! geometric chair – wood | On9
*!six o’clock! geometric shelf – black| On9

Cute Poison – Hanging Lights Gold | Wayward Market
ASO! Vintage Curtain (Modified) | Fantasy Collective

*Fancy Decor: Petrified Wood
*C L A VV. Upright Piano RARE
*C L A Vv. Piano Chair
*[PM]Pixel Mode – Chestnut Street Apartment (Skybox) Modified
*Dysfunctionality The Fluffy Rug

Dutchie gift: the discovery of heaven
[Toiz] jazz frame
The Loft Bennet Drapes
Trompe Loeil – Oceania Wall Art Bird
Trompe Loeil – Oceania Paper Globe Lamp
MudHoney Karen Mirror
MudHoney Magazine Holder
MudHoney Golden Apple Orchard Candle
MudHoney Yellow Orchids
MudHoney Priya Serving Bowls
PILOT – Flower Mirror [Ombre Teal]
oyasumi / leather notebook
Soy. Mini Leather Stool w/ texture change




  1. As soon as I figure out which home I’m going to use at my new place, I’m gonna go through your blog for decorating inspiration. I love how you just cram everything in to look so lived in and cozy 🙂
    Ya know my name, but I’ll leave it here anyway. Peep Sideshow needs a little bit of shoe love in her life! ❤

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