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Sunday Sevensies Great Reads Edition II

Would you still love me the same1

Good Morning and welcome to yet another episode of Sunday Sevensies, a Cozey staple, one that won’t give you extra calories but will give you the road map to get there! 

I’ve finally compiled every single Sunday Sevensy post, like ever, onto one page. I don’t know why, but man does it feel good to get that compulsion out of the way. You can now go back in time without having to use search to past articles just for kicks!

Sunday Sevensies Archive

Also, this past week I did a few rudimentary changes to the front page of this current wordpress theme and added a Sitemap, again, just for kicks. Since blogging is sort of almost like archiving, in a way, I figured a Sitemap could help me navigate quicker on my mobile devices. Basically all a sitemap does is get your pages on your blog organized for visitors and even crawlers. I’m not sure how it will help Cozey over all but it has helped me.

Such news  on the grid! Let’s Recap!

  • Ciaran Laval covers the grid’s first ever LabChat – Podcast is now available through The Drax Files Radio Hour here.
  • Firestorm 4.7.5 Launched! Read Inara Pey’s review here. I tested it for a few days and am getting heavier latency with texture refreshing, texture loading, mesh loading, bake fails you name it. Not sure why, maybe its a bandwidth issue on my end. I’ve since downgraded, my arse is too lazy to fix it. (But tomorrow, WE will RULE Narnia, FOREVER!)
  • Second Life Land Setup Fees have been reduced: It’s about bloody time. However, tier costs will stay the same. That’s too bad I was really tempted there.

The following are not reads per se but I came across a few Flickr features that will certainly warm the cockles of your heart. Have a peek:

And one last bang for your Sunday virtual buck, a not so subtle way of warning ya’ll of the impending weekend of too much football, not enough turkey, and a bathtub full of gravy:

Did I just? Yes, I sure did. 25 days more to go kids, and here’s your road map!


*Dress: NYU Striped Belted Dress | My Attic
*Glasses: Haysuriza London (Light) | On9
*Necklace: RealEvil Ewan Necklace | Men Only Monthly
Hair: pr!tty Jezibelle | Hair-o-logy
Bag: Tabou Irresistible Get Lost Bag | Men Only Monthly
Scarf: Imeka Basic Dark Scarf | Kawaii Project
Earmuffs: Izzie’s – Mesh Earmuffs
Gloves: Izzie’s – Maitreya Lara – Knit Gloves
Tights: Izzie’s – Maitreya Lara – Applier High Thigh Knit Socks
Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: Lelutka Leda 1.3
Skin: Lara Hurley Iza Dark Tan Applier
*Pose: !bang 580 | Enchantment

Background Credits can be found here


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