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Home for the Season

Home for the Season1

We knew it was coming. That familiar jingle is in the air and every spare nook in the home spares no expense for the glorious onslaught of the holiday season.

Love to Decorate The Event is now open for November, and there are several Christmas-y items you could take home with you that’ll wow your neighbors.

N4RS’ poor man’s Christmas is anything but! The deco tree on the wall can be resized as well as the accompanying stool. The build is also a feature at LTD this month. The Chelsea Victorian Loft by DaD Designs weighs in at 50 li, is fully mesh, and if you’re brave enough, fully modifiable.

In fact, I went ahead and retextured the living room walls to an off beige off white, eggnoggy colour. The original colour comes in a deep green, which is also quite lovely.

Floorplan will also be at LTD this month with a series of wooden stoves in just about every color of the rainbow so do check that out if you’re looking to update your winter source of pixel heat. (Or maybe not.)

Remember that Love to Decorate the Event runs bi-monthly, so this is THE best pre-holiday shopping go-to till Arcade hits us with a mighty thwwappp!

I wanted to take this time to also thank those who nominated me for the Love to Decorate Awards under the blogger category. It was and still is quite a shock to see my name there, and very humbling and a huge honor. Thank you and if anything, the nomination alone is reward enough.

There is still plenty of time to submit your final choices for the Love to Decorate Awards. Voting ends on November 19th so do be sure to visit and give your favorite brands and stylist some lovin’!

The weather peoples have been warning us of high winds and a yucky storm to pass through but I’ve been patiently waiting with cocoa and pumpkin bread in hand.

Friday never looked so entertaining and Cozey!


The Following Items can be found at Love to Decorate the Event- November 12th-26th

“Chelsea Victorian Loft” c/m
*N4RS Poor Man Xmas Tree
*N4RS Poor Man Xmas Stool
*floorplan. gas heater / black
*[Brixley] log candles group

Limo to LTD The Event

LTD The Event Catalog

The Following Items can be found at 6 Republic Chicago vs California, November 6th- 20th

*MudHoney Hudson Sofa w/ pillows PG – Olive
*[ zerkalo ] Old Stool – Dark
*B.C.C-Roxy Bedroom – Frames Lamps – Milk Latte F
*Bauhaus Movement – Californication – Painted Drawers
*Bauhaus Movement – Californication – Home Lamp Black
*Bauhaus Movement – Californication – Cloth
*Bazar California- Reading lamp

*Serenity Style-Unusual set BROWN | On9

*unKindness– StiKs Lights_Birch Wood | FaMESHed

*[ARIA] Emmanuel Birch snowflake – RARE
Shutterfield wicker basket – grey
Jian :: Aurelia Bedroom – Leaf Decor
Kalopsia – Lamp
A.D.D.Andel! Acorn Lights
PILOT – Hermes Chair [Tan]
{what next} Charlotte Rug
!! Follow US !! Retro lights camera COPY version
Token&Tribe- MILK CANS- Silver
.:revival:. book pile 2
.:revival:. book pile 1
EliBaily Bachelor Loft Curtains Modified



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