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Sunset Memories

My Clarity

“A photograph keeps a moment from running away.” Eudora Welty

To achieve this ‘old’ photograph kind of effect, I dove into my collection of Photoshop Actions that I downloaded for free off the internet.

I have yet to fully immerse into the Photoshop universe, so this is done entirely in Elements. (Click here to see raw snap).

Photoshop Actions are something of a novelty to me. If I feel like an image needs this much of a drastic mood changer-er, uh, thing, then sure, why not?  I’ve set out a few choice finds from 6th Republic, on the Californian end of the spectrum, so that sepia-ish tone I thought would look kinda cool.

Or not, but hey as long as we had fun hmm? I’ve included several links to tutorials as well as some free downloadable actions for PS. They can be used in Creative Suite and Elements.

Also I’ve finally placed down roots so to speak and CozeySL now has an inworld location! Yay and stuff 🙂

The build I am using is the South Woods Retreat,designed by the one and only Mike Denneny (The Den). My last office was the Hammock Home, and wow did I ever abuse use sleep make a mess all over there, love it! Ahhh memories.

If I could have any build in the whole wide Second Life metaverse, it would be a Den creation, because A. Shabby Chic can be fun but frantic, almost B. Modern builds help ‘cleanse’ the palette C. They’re one of a kind. You can spot any of Mike’s buildings from a mile away. Or a parcel away, whatever.

You can see the South Woods Retreat at Uber for the month of November. It weighs in at 33 prims and measures at 16x12x8, which is very reasonable even for the smallest of corner or mid sized lots. Cozey’s main office sits on about 2496m and there is still tons of room to spare.


I hope your Thursday finds you well and do let me know if you have questions or comments in that big box down below. Feel free to come by any time and sit a spell.

Photoshop Actions How-To (Elements but can be used for CS too)



Free Photoshop Actions




The Den’s South_Woods_Retreat by Mike Denneny | Uber SL
~view image with interior here

–ANHELO-F01FP-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere | 6 Republic
–ANHELO-F01BE-159BI :: beach set (bonus item) | 6 Republic
~this is the umbrella, 2 chairs, cooler w/ beer set)

{Reverie} ‘California Kicks’ – Lighted Log – [RARE] | 6 Republic
{Reverie} ‘California Kicks’ – Wooden Fish Decor| 6 Republic
{Reverie} ‘California Kicks’ – Decor Anchor | 6 Republic
{Reverie}‘California Kicks’ – Driftwood Heart | 6 Republic

The Hive – Industrial Lighted Arrow // Very Rusty | 6 Republic
The Hive – Rusted Hanging Lamp // Short | 6 Republic

Belle Equipe Vintage Stool | 6 Republic
[Brixley] room divider – wood | 6 Republic
Bazar California-Surf boards rack | 6 Republic

Kalopsia – Venice Beach Shack Cafe | 6 Republic
Kalopsia – Venice Beach Surfboard | 6 Republic
Kalopsia – Venice Beach Fries | 6 Republic
Kalopsia – Venice Beach Beers | 6 Republic

Studio Skye Tropical Plants



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