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Sensible Blogging Habits


When you’ve finally get what you’ve always wanted, remember how much you wanted it.

Before I get into the more sensible part of today’s fashion post/promotion/unadulterated/obscene-for-profit, uh thing; I wanted to take this time to briefly go over an article that was recently published at SL Blogger Support titled, “12 things to check BEFORE you publish your next Second Life blog post.”

If you’ve not yet joined SL Blogger Support I highly recommend you do so, as it is the only group I know of its kind whose sole purpose is to, support bloggers. (eh heh)

In the article Becky ( shares a great example of a pre-publishing checklist that is sensible and easy to follow. She was also gracious enough to create a simple checklist chart which I think is brilliant.

Many of you may already have this in some shape or form so I thought I’d share a few of mine I’ve picked up along the way that may pique your interest (or not).

*Drink a glass of water before you commence typing. This stuff be hard on your brain cells!

*Go to the restroom and wash your hands! It’s amazing how my bladder makes an effort to interrupt good typin’! (why does this all read so naughty??)

Okay I lied I don’t really have a checklist. The most responsible tip I could ever give to any fellow SL Blogger (depending on the context) is to give credit where credit is due, in fashion, home decor, photography, lifestyle, even if its a measly 100 word post about a weeklong Halloween Hunt or this week’s machinima review, credit, credit, credit!

I follow most of Becky’s 12 points although not always in that order, and some structure is better than none. Everyone’s routine will be different, but if you don’t have anything like it, this is a good place to start.

OH here’s a good ‘un: Turn off your cell phones, landlines, answering service, etc.

You cannot believe how many ‘trains of thought’ I’ve crashed because of some neanderthal trying to sell me roofing services, fml.

Super! I’ve reached 400+ words and hopefully if you’re still reading all the way down here, you’ll find that it is now time I make good on that tip!

Have a great weekend fellow lurkers, remember Sad November starts on Sunday, November 1st through November 21st! Stay tuned for updated LM’s and peeeektures!


*Cardigan: MoDANNA Becaud Collection Cascade Cardigan | Coming  to Sad November!
*Leggings: MoDANNA Trenet Collection Leather Patch Leggings | Coming  to Sad November!
*Earrings|Necklace: Ariskea Berwood Earrings and Necklace | Coming  to Sad November!
One note I wanted to add about this jewelry set, is that the necklace itself is rigged. I did have to change my shape for it to fit right. Do be sure to demo when SN opens!
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo Adrasteia (Maitreya applier)
Skin: Lara Hurley Alena Applier
Head: Lelutka Leda 1.3
Body: Maitreya Lara 1.1
Pose: oOo Studio Avenger #7
Location: Loch Noble


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