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Monday Mixr – Essenz, Kunglers, Oaken

how proud i am to be yours

Call me insane, inept, intolerable, ill-repute?!  But its Monday and I’m in a Friday mood 🙂

So I’m making a nice cup of java this morning, its still quite dark outside and everyone has already gone for the day, except Mum and I of course.

And I all of a sudden get weirded out by what I think is a lady humming near me. I go to check on Mum, she’s sound asleep. I head towards the front door and take a peek and then it dawns on me that our homing pigeons are cooing.

Uh, Happy Halloween much?!

Anywhoserwhatsers, I said all of that to not only give a pre-dose of the heebiejeebies, but to also get you in the shopping mood! Okay maybe not for a costume, but ya know, there’s always a good excuse to break out the plastic and indulge a little.

Or a lot.

I’ve typed out all the goodies in the credits below, and just a quick side note, On9 will be ending on the 29th and FaMESHed on the 30th, so do visit soon.

6 days till I get my hands on some well deserved treats, but don’t worry, we share here at Cozey.


*Top: Oaken Tegan Top | FaMESHed
*Shoes: Essenz Bordeaux | More Info Here
*Earrings: Kunglers Philippa | On9
*Septum Ring: RealEvil Dark Queen Septum | The Season’s Story
Tattoo: Aitui Taboo (Omega/Maitreya) | Men Only Monthly
Hair: Analog Dog Sara (w/ Bang 6) | New!
Skirt: Blueberry Miri Black Leather Skirt
Head: Lelutka Leda 1.3
Body: Maitreya Lara
*Poses: !bang 563 | We ❤ RP
 !bang 571 | Gen Neutral Ends Today!!

Home|Deco Credits Click here


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