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The strength of a bridge

The strength of a bridge

“Vulnerability is the only bridge to build a connection”.

I’m not sure if I agree with that quote or not, but lately I’ve been feeling rather walled off as far as being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everyday normal life.

Being a full time caregiver for my mother has had its ups and downs, but every day she can spend with us, I’m grateful. I’m also grateful for the people in both lives who have been a support and encouragement whenever this Bumblebee loses her way.

That support I guess, is like this bridge too. Strong, sturdy, and a way to connect. I realize it is called ‘The Wedding Bridge’, but for today, for right now, I’m calling it my open door, back into the middle of that hustle and bustle.

After all, ‘everyday normal’ is a matter of perspective.


*Cheeky Pea Wedding Bridge Autumn | Love to Decorate The Event
*Heart – Ancient Maple – Wild | FaMESHed
*tarte. hanging rope lights

Little Branch CatTail Cluster
{yumyum} vines orange

On Wendz:
*Coat: DIRAM Sienna Coat | On9 for October
*Shoes: Essenz Tennessee | Coming soon to Geeks and Nerds
Tank: Blueberry Tank Top
Pants: Blueberry Xale Jeans
Hair: Elua Oceana
Necklace: Earthstones Tumbled Stones Necklace

Special Guest:
Vertigo Sands


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