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A Tempting Morsel

tempting morsel

A clandestine meeting with a tempting proposal, finds you wanting and craving that forbidden morsel.

The Reverie weasels, are quite entertaining and I speak of the creatures that have inundated all of Second Life in the last 24 hours lol. You can play Reverie’s ‘A Weasel Story’ Gacha machine at the Season’s Story which just opened by the way.

This wildly wonder of a living room set is Death Row Designs’ feature at this month’s Collabor88 Burton themed event.

I’m equally wild about the decor pieces in this set, eeessspecially the swirly, curly cue art, they can be so versatile, just imagine! DO take a look at the set in its entirety at Collabor88 and don’t forget to peruse the credits for more information.

Have a fun rest of your weekend!

*Death Row Designs Burtonesque Collecion | Collabor88
-most of the major pieces include a texture HUD so have fun mix and matching!
DRD burtonesque gothic chair

DRD burtonesque gothic couch
DRD burtonesque standing lamp
DRD burtonesque quirky lamp
DRD burtonesque hanging lamp2
DRD burtonesque table
DRD burtonesque frames black
DRD burtonesque walldecor white
DRD burtonesque walldecor black
DRD burtonesque teaset
DRD burtonesque cabinet
DRD burtonesque clocks
DRD burtonesque bookholder

*Cheeky Pea Burton Tea Chandelier | Fantasy Collective (Ends 10/22)
*Cheeky Pea  Burton Tea Cake Plate  | Fantasy Collective (Ends 10/22)
*Cheeky Pea Burton Rug | Fantasy Collective (Ends 10/22)

{Reverie} ‘A Weasels Story’ Perched – Grey | Season’s Story
[ zerkalo ] Halloween in White – Pouffe | Season’s Story
[ zerkalo ] Halloween in White – Candles | Season’s Story

[ARIA] Holden Calla Lily bouquet in a vase
[ARIA] Georgia decorative cushions
The Loft – Taylor Rug Black
*Death Row Designs Mystery Mansion (heavily modified)




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  2. You do this really neat thing with your decor, forget your ears! I absolutely love your setups. And now I must have a weasel, and really want a cupcake. I just want to run out and get every set you feature. If I gave in to that, my sky dome would be wall to curvy wall with furniture and stuff, and my landlord would kick me out for using up all his prims allowance. His land below would be empty, lol. Your sponsors must love you! 💜

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