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Dream on, dream away

Time is ticking away

This little piggy knows what he knows because his nose knows how it goes. 

My time on Second Life will be dramatically, radically, almost abominably, shortened for a few months, (sad face)! I plan on posting at least 3 articles a week, if that, until I find a decent routine that includes a second job.

For now, I wholeheartedly, virtually embrace you my fellow lurkers, for continuing to make do with the rambling-ons. Just if you do end up falling asleep in the middle of credits or something, promise you won’t take the piggy to breakfast. Or as breakfast.

Lovely credits coming your way, FaMESHed, Shiny Shabby, some Uber action and Trompe Loeil’s Le Fay cottage @ Collabor88, soon done! Have a lovely rest of your week ❤

*Zerkalo All White Set | FaMESHed Now Open!
-[ zerkalo ] All White – Couch
-[ zerkalo ] All White – Basket
-[ zerkalo ] All White – Canopy
-[ zerkalo ] All White – Clock
-[ zerkalo ] All White – Mirror

*[ARIA] Libera Potted Double Stem Orchid | FaMESHed Now Open!
*tarte. hot air balloon tealight (gold splash) | Tarte Mainstore
*The Loft – Baxter Wire Stool | Uber
*Death Row Designs- fleamarket 1 – candle | Lost & Found
[ kunst ] & [ hoorenbeek ] – Wood planks stool (b) | Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] & [ hoorenbeek ] – Mason jar & candle| Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] & [ hoorenbeek ] – Autumn leaves| | Shiny Shabby
Trompe Loeil – Le Fay Cottage (heavily modified) | Collabor88

*[ARIA] Giada Side Table
*Apple Fall Cotton Cluster
*tarte. candelabra {pearl}

LISP – Mid Century Fire (Deco in wire stool, Modified)
tarte. old floor lamp (silver)
{yumyum} Wooden planter Khaki
{yumyum} Vine D (orange)
{yumyum} ceiling twinkles
{yumyum} Vertical Garden
Keke Twinkling Log Lights Modified
Kalopsia – Basket (MOD)
Kalopsia – Old Table
iTuTu Wheat
iTuTu BabyBreath
PLAAKA CottonBowl & CottonFruits
dust bunny . hammock chair . long
{anc} nebra beads [sungold] pole
{anc} MoonLightLounge. sleeping big pig 3Li RARE
Fancy Decor: Journey Rug
3D fallen ivy



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