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Kitschy Cozey Teatime

Time for Tea

Because let’s face it, a room with cobwebs and garish deco pieces are a sure fire way to welcome your most beloved guests.

Or not! But still. I’m so new to the Home and Garden scene I dared to look up the definition of ‘Kitsch’.

Basically, it is a word to describe deco that is more or less considered ‘cheesy’, ‘garish’, ‘outlandish’. Like the pink flamingos on grandma’s lawn.

However, I still wanted a scene that had a few Cozey elements, so hopefully you enjoy this mix and match of Cheeky Pea’s latest releases from Uber and the Fantasy Collective events.

Death Row Design’s Mystery Mansion continues to make waves on Flickr, and I had a plan ‘once upon a time’ to stage a machinima ‘shoot’ for this mansion, but RL wanted to kick my butt instead.

You however dear lurker, still have time to head on over to the Arcade and to play this awesome machine. There are literally dozens of cool deco pieces that could be used in scenes over and over again, plus they always make good talking pieces no?

I hope your weekend was as restful as could be, and should you decide to stop on over for that teatime, let me know so I can get pest control set up.

Aloha for now.


*Death Row Designs Mystery Mansion | The Arcade Gacha Fair – Ending soon!
-DRD MM Wardrobe
-DRD MM suitcases pile
-DRD MM web 2
-DRD MM Chandelier 2 light
-DRD MM Curtain flowers
-DRD MM library desk
-DRD MM library bookshelf
-DRD MM library books
-DRD MM musicbox 
-DRD MM frames1 
-DRD MM frames3
-DRD MM trunk 
-DRD MM sidetable ligthbrown/cloth 
-DRD MM lamp flickering 
-DRD MM radio  

*Cheeky Pea Kitsch Sir Bones Art | Uber 
*Cheeky Pea Kitsch Madam Witch Art  | Uber 
*Cheeky Pea: Kitsch Spider Rug  | Uber 
*Cheeky Pea Kitsch Candle Group  | Uber 

*Cheeky Pea Burton Tea Table | The Fantasy Collective ‘Macabre’
*Cheeky Pea Burton Art – Hoot | The Fantasy Collective ‘Macabre’
*Cheeky Pea Burton Rug | The Fantasy Collective ‘Macabre’
*Cheeky Pea Burton Tea Cake Plate | The Fantasy Collective ‘Macabre’
*Cheeky Pea Burton Teapot | The Fantasy Collective ‘Macabre’
*Cheeky Pea Burton Teacup Full | The Fantasy Collective ‘Macabre’
*Cheeky Pea Burton Tea Chair Herringbone | The Fantasy Collective ‘Macabre’
*Cheeky PeaBurton Tea Chair Damask  | The Fantasy Collective ‘Macabre’

8f8 – primavera in Toscana Bucket of Roses
floorplan. floating candles




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  2. Fantastic setup! What I would expect to find in Hotel California. But I’m afraid to sit on anything lest something creepy and crawly peep out and creepy crawl its way into my lap!

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