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Places and Patterns

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Greetings fellow lurker. You may not know me and this may be your first time visiting CozeySL, so let me reassure you by saying, we are pleased, no, ecstatic beyond recognition! That you have decided to visit with us today! Even if its just for 3 mere lines of text *smiles* *thumbs up!*

All jesting aside, it is nice to meet you, and you, and wait, I remember you! As you can see, I’ve set a few chairs and reading material for a juicy gossy-fest, I mean, catching up-fest, because we adore company at Cozey.

Why, we’ve even carved out a musical number to help soothe your weary spirit from the days upon days of missed posts and altogether crazy ramblings of yours truly.

Hah! Who am I kidding really? 

It’s been a slow coming back to any kind of ‘normal’ ‘posting/chatting/rambling/picture snapping’ schedule, and if there is any indication from all the busy patterns that are laid out before us, Momma’s a bit rusteh.

I do want to thank you oh fellow lurker of my heart, for continuing to visit us here at the Cozeyiest nook in SL’s cranny(I kill myself). I’ve semi-migrated the more fashion-y side of this blog to Cozey Daily, which is on Tumblr, so do visit there when you can.

Have a terrific rest of the week and if you have any questions, comments, ideas, dinner ones, feel free to leave a message below ❤


*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wing Chair Bold | FaMESHed
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bureau  | FaMESHed
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Picture Frames Preloaded | FaMESHed
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Pen and Paper  | FaMESHed
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Palm Tree in Pot  | FaMESHed
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Porcellain Owl  | FaMESHed
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cello  | FaMESHed
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Music Stand  | FaMESHed

*Cheeky Pea Repurposed Mono Screen | TMD
*Cheeky Pea  Repurposed Mono Wall Light | TMD
*Cheeky Pea  Belted Chair – All | GEN-Neutral

*Apple Fall Books Occasional Table w/ Blanket | Shiny Shabby ends soon!
*Apple Fall Cotton Cluster | Shiny Shabby ends soon!

*Di’Cor Garden Planter
*The Loft – Oriana Wall Mirror
*[ARIA] Finley Chaise Lounge (PG)
*[ARIA] Finley decorative books
*ARIA & The Loft – Devon decorative hand bag

[ zerkalo ] Black & White – Magazines & Beauty Products
Apple Fall HUGG Boots
Build: Scarlet Creative Ibiza Beach House
Cheeky Pea Repurposed Rug
Dutchie Aglaonema full
Dutchie Philodendron tall
Fancy Decor: Brass Hour Glass
Fancy Decor: Magazine Stacks
Fancy Decor: Rustic Rug
ISON – folded leather clutch (black)
LAQ Decor ~ Black – Bookcase
NOMAD // Improvised // Flowers in Bottle
NOMAD // Wall Planetarium
Plethora Tablet Customized
tarte. artsy books
Tartessos Arts Crossword Magazines
Tartessos Arts Noor Rug
The Loft – Taylor Rug Black


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