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Luxury meets contemporary living

Modern Twist for a luxurious living room1

In our neck of the woods, there is no ‘his room’ or ‘her room’, no man cave, and no she cave neither. Well not that I know of anyway.

There can always be a happy medium (I believe) when filling your living space, especially with such a broad theme as contemporary.

Come to think about it, it should be a ‘luxury meets contemporary meets modern living’, kind of space, but who in their right mind would dare to click on that hellacious title? (not me)

For this round at FaMESHed, you will find Convair’s latest build, the Boston skybox that is fully modifiable and includes another version without lights. You will also find Di’Cor’s Aaron Living set there as well, with accessories and chairs sold separately or as a set. The Comfy chair is available in three colour options.

Do scour through the credits during the movie break or commercials, they also make a good read when standing in the line at your local Walmart.

Thanks for stopping by on your blogscroll and have a great rest of your Second Life day!

*Di’Cor Aaron’s Comfy Chair [Black] | FaMESHed
*Di’Cor Aaron’s Ethnic Table | FaMESHed
*Di’Cor Aaron’s Gold Lamp | FaMESHed

*+CONVAIR+ Boston Skybox (with lights) | FaMESHed
-scripted shutter doors (windows) and elevator door
-3 color changer tufted wall
-my version in this image is HEAVILY modified
so please use this link for references
-the Boston Skybox also includes a version without the lights

*[ARIA] Corvus Vases (On mantel) | Collabor88
*The Loft – Corvus Pillow Texture Changeable | Collabor88
*The Loft – Corvus Hide Rug | Collabor88

1992 // The Periodicals | The Arcade

*Di’Cor Garden Planter
*[ARIA] Lux Bar Cart (Decorated)
*unKindness Beau Monde Sette

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Brutus Lamp
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Black Chaiselounge
[ a i s l i n g ] Fur Med/Stripe
[ a i s l i n g ] Fur White
=EliBaily= Nar Coffee Table_Black
Apple Fall Arts and Crafts Books
Apple Fall Bushmead Railing Gate (Black)
Apple Fall Rene Wall Art (marketplace link)
Alouette – Medieval Candle Style 1
Lisp Artemis Fireplace (modified)
LISP – Mesh – Newspaper and Coffee
Soy. Floor lamp [Gourd tree]
8f8 – Dreamer’s Box – Flock of Lights
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Globe (The World is Yours)
MudHoney Magazine Pile



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